How to find the distance between parallel lines

You will need
  • ruler
Since, in practice, the drawing does not always represent the lines themselves, but only their segments, then choose a point on the first line (a segment of this line) so that the second end of the perpendicular falls on the segment of the second line.
To draw a perpendicular, take the drawing tool “triangle” with a right angle. Selecting a point on the first straight line, attach one of the sides of the triangle (leg) adjacent to the right angle, and align the second leg with the second straight line. Now, just draw a line along the first leg until it reaches the second straight line.
To measure the length of the perpendicular obtained, take a compass. Align the compass legs with the points of intersection of the perpendicular with the straight lines. Now move the compass legs to the measuring line.
If there is no compass, then simply align the zero division of the measuring scale with the beginning of the perpendicular and position the ruler along it.That division, next to which the second intersection point will be located, will be the length of the perpendicular, and therefore the distance between parallel lines.

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