how to functionally and beautifully furnish a one-room Khruschovka

I bought a one-room apartment Khrushchev 35kv.m. on the 2nd floor . I'm 47 years old. I live alone, but there is a son with a family where there are two small children 2d and 0.5 years old. I would like to furnish functionally and modernly. average income


Unfortunately, without seeing the size of the plan is very difficult to advise something. Solutions are highly dependent on the specific layout.


So is this apartment for you or for your son and family? these are different apartments ...

Probably meant that it would be comfortable in the apartment for children when they bring it.

Hello! Not seeing the plan with the dimensions is very difficult to advise something specific on the arrangement of furniture

a guest26.01.17 21:44

If there is not enough space in the apartment, then you need to buy a folding sofa.

Unfortunately, without seeing the size of the plan is very difficult to advise something. Solutions are highly dependent on the specific layout.

If we are talking about a classic Khrushchev with a standard layout, then the room has a niche that can be used in different ways. Firstly, there you can make a big garederobic one, which will include absolutely all things If you do this, no closets will be needed anymore, and you can arrange the rest of the furniture at your discretion. Or you can try to place the beds for children there, in principle, they can also fit in this niche. Although in general, it is best to invite specialists to look at everything on the spot and give their recommendations. If you do not know who to turn to, I can recommend masters from Pete Furniture. They made us a convenient built-in wardrobe, at the same time for quite reasonable money. This is probably the best option, because on the spot everything is seen differently, and it will be much easier to decide.

I saw a bunch of cool pictures with the design of one-room apartments. Convenient and beautiful. But it will be expensive. Probably more expensive than the apartment itself)

Do you want to furnish it so that there is a place to sleep when they come overnight or just for themselves alone so that there is a bed? I would put a wardrobe, a folding table, a small eurobook sofa, a couple of chairs.You can also buy a folding bed, in case the grandchildren want to be with the grandmother not only during the day. And for the kitchen everything is as usual. By the way, I found furniture in Simferopol on the Internet there is on sale neat not large furniture, just for such an apartment would fit.

It is already necessary to choose according to your taste .. it is difficult to advise

a guest11.09.17 13:34

If you want to redo the kitchen, you should choose light colors, it visually makes the space larger. I liked the Scandinavian interior presented on this resource. have a kitchen of 8 sq. M, I dream now to make it as in the picture.

Interestingly, I will listen to a lot)

This problem is not just you. As a rule, in Khrushchev rooms are small, but you need to fit a lot. Now transforming cabinets perfectly save the situation or they are called wardrobe beds Can be single or double. Saving space one hundred percent. During the day there is nothing, but by night the bed folds out. Focus, and only. Do not think about this option?

I'm generally far from the designer, so I also draw the idea from the Internet. Hiring a professional is expensive, but I want the house to be beautiful and comfortable.Now I want to make our bedroom in the style of Provence, in a magazine found some interesting ideas - I want to turn some into reality

we also have a question of a place, a room alone, and I want to accommodate everything. Recently did the repair in the kitchen they helped to make everything comfortable and convenient for use, now we also select options for the room.

Yes, we also have such a problem with friends

But I think the most important thing is lighting. lighting creates coziness, warmth in the apartment, especially small children.

Make everything as portable as possible, now there are a lot of ideas on the Internet.

I also lived in Khrushchev and made the layout of the apartment myself. Most of all bother about the kitchen as I spend a lot of time there and everything should be as convenient as possible. As a result, I did according to the plan presented here., it is specially prepared for Khrushchev, I think you need it)

It is necessary to competently divide the space so that the children have their own zone and the adults have their own nook, plus you need to think about the style, we have a two-room average footage, we did some of the apartments except the hallways and the hall, the studio’s heart and face were trusted by the apartment, they also combined the hallway with the hall by increasing the area thereby, plus they expanded the space with mirrors and cool ideas with Mediterranean-style panels; colors and pastel colors - pistachios and dusty gray-blue in the decoration of the walls and furniture.

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