How to give people advice in 2018

Listen to your interlocutor to the end. Learn to hear, not just listen. Try to understand the essence of the problem, if any. But this does not mean at all that you should sit silently, without interrupting your friend or acquaintance, to absorb someone else's information. Ask questions - it will help, firstly, to speak out to the person, and, secondly, you better understand what the root of evil really is and why your interlocutor turned to you for help or advice.
After you more or less become clear picture of everything that is happening, try to find out what your friend wants, and how he thinks to solve this or that problem. At the same time, understand if he needs your advice at all or a point of view on the current situation. Many people often talk about their problems or troubles not to get advice, but to speak out. After that, it becomes easier. Although, at first glance, everything looks as if the person genuinely needs your help.In fact, he just needs your ears. There is nothing terrible in this, because there are friends for this. Only if you already see that the person has firmly decided how to act and how to resolve the situation, then you should not go to him with your advice. Of course, no one doubts their correctness, but better save them for another occasion.
If you see that a person really needs your support, and he needs your advice, or he really wants to know your opinion, then do not deny him that. Speak the whole truth, do not hesitate to say out loud what you think. Be sincere, and this is what your friend will truly appreciate. Indeed, without an objective opinion and view from the outside it can be very difficult to make the right decision.

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