How to harden the body

It should start with the most gentle procedure - air baths. In the morning, wake up, walk around the house in loose clothes - let the body "breathe". In the warm season, air baths can be taken on the nature. For example, in the forest, in the yard (if it is a private house) or in the park, it is useful to combine the procedure with a morning jog. So the body will gradually get used to more serious procedures for hardening.
Then you can go to rubdown. This procedure prepares the body for douche. In the evening, pour cold water into the bucket and let it stand all night. By morning, the water will be at room temperature. Waking up, you can start rubdown. It is advisable for this to prepare a hard towel. Slightly pressing movements from the bottom up, wipe your feet, then hands, and vice versa. Chest, back and abdomen - in a circular motion. Sip a glass of clean water in advance to rinse your throat. And finally, wash your feet.
When you get used to rubdown, you can begin to pour.Wash in the morning, and then pour a bucket of cool water, which is also prepared in the evening. It is advisable to pour out water so that the whole body gets wet. After you get used to cold water, you can pour more slowly.
And only when you go through all these stages, you can proceed to hardening with a cold shower. Because the water in the faucet is colder than in the bucket, especially in winter, and you are under the shower for longer than when it was poured from a bucket.
The most suitable time to start hardening is the end of spring - the beginning of summer. If you decide to douche before morning exercises, then you do not need to wipe yourself, just wet the body with a towel. Finally, the body will dry after exercise.
If, however, conduct tempering procedures after charging, it is desirable to perform light exercises so that the heated muscles do not overcool.
Water procedures should be performed regularly, ideally every day. Because with constant dousing, the body acquires protective properties, and during the break, even a couple of days, it loses them.
Morning exercises and hardening, you need to do all the time, not "in mood".Even if the day was heavy, and it turned out to fall asleep late, try to force yourself to get up, wash yourself, do a couple of exercises and take a shower. The dream will pass instantly, and the mood will immediately improve.

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