How to install a log house

Foundationlog househas a number of features, one of which is moisture absorption. Under the influence of groundwater or similar factors crownlog houseover time may begin to rot. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to spread two layers of roofing material on the entire surface of the foundation, and then make additional coating insulation using a bitumen-based compound.
One of the most common mistakes made when laying the floor in a wooden house is nailing all the boards to the lags. It is better to nail only the first and last boards, which will make it possible to drag floors in the process of finishing, and to put a rough floor without damaging the boards.
There are a number of mezhventsovyh insulation, such as flax, tow, jute, moss and others. The highest quality of them are jute and moss. Moss when placing his honey logslog houseshould be a little raw. After all, damp moss perfectly compacted, contributing to the shrinkage of thelog houseand accurate slot filling. In addition, moss is a natural antiseptic that does not allow wood to rot.
To avoid moisture entering the log house, it is recommended that the gables be sutured directly during installation.
It is better to install the ceiling only after complete shrinkage.log house. It is also worth to wait a bit in the walls.log houseopenings under the windows and doors. Finishing work is also strongly recommended only after complete shrinkage, which on average takes from six months to one year.

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