How to install a toilet after repairs

Repairing the toilet almost always involves replacing all communications and plumbing fixtures. The toilet is changing the very first and it is desirable to buy it in advance. Of all the varieties of products, it is necessary to choose the one that is suitable for the form of release and the type of drainage structure. In houses built back in Soviet times, there were mainly two forms of release - straight, also horizontal and oblique. In this article we will discuss the installation of a toilet with an oblique release. Assembling and installing a toilet after laying tile is not a very difficult job. It is enough to follow some installation rules and choose the right auxiliary materials. You will also need tools, because without them you can’t install a home throne. So, what tools are needed:
  • A puncher or a percussion drill.
  • Drill or drill on tiles with a diameter of 10 mm.
  • Wrench size 10 mm.
  • Adjustablekey.
  • Gun for sealant.
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Thin pencil or marker. Now list of materials
  • Poppet cuff in the size of 110-90 mm for the cast iron socket.
  • The cuff for the toilet bowl is straight or eccentric with a diameter of 110 mm. The type of cuff depends on how the plumbing fixture fits the sewer.
  • Worm clamp 100-120 mm in size.
  • Silicone sealant.
  • >
  • Set for fixing the toilet to the floor. It consists of two anchor bolts, two 10 mm dowels, two washers and caps.


After the work on dismantling the tile and the old toilet, and was laid new tiles, proceed to the assembly and installation of a new faience "horse." It will take its place for many years and it is necessary to approach the implementation of this task very responsibly. At first we install the dish cuff into the cast-iron socket of the sewage system. For a more intimate contact of rubber with metal, we additionally apply silicone sealant on the cuff before installation.
How to install a toilet after repair
Then we put the toilet in the sewer and see how the toilet neck and the socket converge.In our case, we had to use the eccentric cuff, since after pouring the screed and laying the tile the toilet rose about 20 mm from the floor. We put on the eccentric cuff on the neck of the product and try it on again. Turning the cuff adjusts its height relative to the socket, if necessary. Then we put the worm clamp on the cuff and tighten it.
How to install the toilet after repair
After that, we put the toilet in place and, checking the correctness of the installation, we mark the places of attaching the case to the floor with a thin pencil or marker.
How to install a toilet after repair
Making holes in the tile with a drill on the tile or using a drill. It is necessary to drill a tile accurately and without hurrying, in the unaccented mode, trying not to overheat it and drills. Then anchor bolts attract the toilet to the floor. No need to make great efforts when tightening the bolts in order to avoid breakage of the housing. Tightening the anchors, we put on them decorative caps.
How to install the toilet after repair
We start assembling and installing the tank.
First, install the drain valve. Grease the rubber sealing washer with sealant, install the reinforcement in the tank opening and clamp it with a plastic nut, slightly tightening it with a gas key.
How to install a toilet after repair
Then we mount the float valve. Having established it in a tank, we clamp it with a plastic nut. It is very important that the float valve does not touch the drain fitting.
How to install a toilet after repair
Install the drain tank on the toilet bowl. A large rubber washer, which is installed between the tank and the body, is abundantly lubricated with silicone sealant.
How to install a toilet after repair
How to install a toilet after repair
Then we put on plastic washers first on the bolts securing the tank to the toilet. Behind them we string tapered rubber.
How to install a toilet after repair
Putting the tank on the case, and inserting the bolts into the holes, we tighten the latter, gradually drawing the tank to the toilet.You must make sure that there are no distortions.
How to install a toilet after repair
After installing the tank, we connect a flexible cold water supply pipe to the float valve. Open the stopcock and check the operation of the drain mechanism and the float.
How to install a toilet after repair
If necessary, adjust the level of water in the tank by raising or lowering the float. Adjusting the drain valve is also made by raising or lowering the mechanism. It is necessary to do so that after installing the tank lid, the drain button has a small free play. When you press it, the water drain must be done without interruption. And after the drain, the button should rise automatically itself. After the toilet is installed, it remains only to attach the seat. We install plastic fixing bolts in the hinges. Then, having inserted the seat already with hinges, we mount the structure on the toilet, screwing it to the body with conical nuts.

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