How to install interior doors by yourself

After long-term operation, the mechanisms of interior doors wear out and the first problems begin: creaks appear, closes make it difficult, canopies are loosened and appearance deteriorates. In this case, the problem can only be solved by completely replacing the door unit. It is advisable to provide the installation of doors to professionals, but if there is no such possibility, then if you fulfill the mandatory requirements, you can cope with this process yourself.

To choose the door correctly, it is not enough to focus only on the beauty and appearance. The main characteristic of any door is the material from which it is made. The highest quality and expensive wooden doors are considered. The door company will help you to collect high-quality doors and make them for your interior and taste.

In addition to the doors themselves, you should also choose components:

• Platbands;

• Sheds;

• Self-tapping screws;

• Door Handles;

• Latches.

For accurate selection, measure the actual dimensions of the opening and take into account the method of opening. Doors can be swinging, sliding, folding and pivoting.

Before starting work on the installation of the door unit, pay attention to the horizontal floor, so that later you don’t have to file the bottom of the door leaf. And also should carefully remove the old canvas, box and trim. If necessary, it is recommended to perform additional strengthening and leveling of the doorway.

When choosing doors, one should take into account the thickness of the box’s bars to be bought, the width of the leaf, the necessary gaps between the door and the box, the gap between the door block and the opening all the way around.

The bars of the box are cut to size at an angle of 45 ° at the ends and fasten together with self-tapping screws. The sheds should be installed so that there is a distance of 5 mm between the box and the door. It is very convenient for this purpose to use pieces of dvp. Assembled door block must be installed in the opening, level horizontally and vertically, and secure with wooden wedges. Now you can begin to fill the space between the box and the opening around the perimeter with foam.

After the foam has dried, you can open the door and start inserting the handles and latches.

If the open door is not fixed in place and constantly leans back in any direction, then you need to check the level again and align it.

For an even installation of the rims, it is recommended to cut them in a special chassis to achieve an angle of 45 °. The platbands are fixed around the perimeter of the door unit using special nails without caps.

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