How to install Minecraft Forge?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
April 15, 2013
How to install Minecraft Forge?

With the passage of time, any game, even such iconic and popular as Minecraft, can get bored. The game developers have foreseen this and left in it the possibility of modifying the process. In the World Wide Web there is a huge number of modifications of Minecraft, the so-called "mods" to the game, each of which adds something to the game, and maybe removes something, but in any case makes it interesting, new.

Destination fashion Forge

Suppose that in an effort to diversify the gameplay, the user installed a dozen modifications at once. And a conflict arose - two mods add to the game, for example, a “copper ingot”, from which, thanks to the first fashion, you can make a copper pickaxe, and thanks to the second, you can melt this copper into bronze. The player extracts copper, smelts an ingot, wants to make a pickaxe and ... cannot. Because the resulting ingot belongs to the second fashion, and to create a pickaxe, you need an ingot of the first fashion, the recipe for creating which from ore is hopelessly lost - it is absorbed by the recipe of the second fashion.From this and many other conflicts there is no “medicine” better than how to install the Minecraft Forge mod. Forge is not even a mod, but a full-fledged application programming interface that helps both programmers to create modifications and players to use them on equal terms.

Download and install

And now tell you directly how to install Minecraft Forge. You can download the mod from. Installation is pretty simple. If you are running Windows XP and below, call the Run command from the Start menu, type% AppData% \. Minecraft \ bin in the appeared field and press Enter; if your computer is running Windows Vista, 7, or 8, enter this line in the search field and press Enter. Open the minecraft.jar file with any archiver (WinRar), delete the META-INF folder from the archive. Transfer all files from the archive with the mod to minecraft.jar. That's it, the mod is ready to go. Now the modifications installed on the game will not fight each other.

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