How to learn to twerk?

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How to learn to twerk?

Twerk is a female dance trend, where all movements are focused on the buttocks and hips. For many, such a dance seems strange and even funny. However, today, twerk is a part of modern dance culture. Therefore, anyone who wants to keep abreast of fashion trends should learn how to twerk. To do this, it is enough to study the basic movements and find some time for training at home.

Basic twerking movements

At first glance, the technique of twerking is quite simple. However, it is not every girl who can learn how to perform movements correctly on her own. That is why it is recommended to visit dance studios. Although stubborn and purposeful girls will be able to independently learn how to twer. To do this, you must learn the following movements:

  1. To take the starting position: arms rest on the hips, legs apart shoulder-width apart and sit in a deep squat. At the same time, the feet should be turned so that they are on the same straight line with the knees.
  2. Put your thumbs on the tailbone and press down a bit, thereby encouraging the movement of the hips forward.
  3. To carry out the movement back, as if to pull oneself by the pelvic bone. It is important to understand that when performing movements except the hips, it is impossible to move.
  4. After you understand the technique of this movement, you should put your hands on your knees, turning them so that their wrists are turned out a bit.
  5. Then you need to increase the pace and diversify the movement.

Tips for beginners

Among the main tips that professionals give to all novice twerkers, the following points can be highlighted:

  • Always put your legs exactly at shoulder width, otherwise it is impossible to get the right deep squat, and in the end the dance itself will look a bit strange.
  • Clothes should choose a comfortable, emphasizing the line of the pelvis, but not constraining movements.
  • It is better to remove the hair in a ponytail or to braid a pigtail - so it will not interfere with the learning process.

Moreover, as in any other dance, learning twerk must begin with a warm-up. In the process of training, a rather large load on the muscles occurs, and in order not to harm yourself, you need to prepare them.

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