How can you make a beautiful and original vase?

Attractive and unusual home decor has always been distinguished by one important feature - it requires considerable financial investments. Everyone knows that a large number of specialists always work on creating beautiful furniture, vases, chandeliers, lamps and other important trifles; they invest not only their physical efforts, but also fantasy, various ideas that, by the way, are not so easy to come up with.

Bright Vase

However, few people think about the fact that original and unusual ideas can be implemented independently, and for this it is not necessary to have a specific education, a penchant for art or great financial opportunities. It is enough only to notice the main things in small things and details, to be able to do something extraordinary from simple and ordinary things.

That is why we decided to share with you some ideas that will help you learn how to make a beautiful vase with your own hands.

Masterpieces are not so difficult

And for this you need not so much: the desire and enthusiasm, a bit of free time, as well as several necessary materials that either you already have at home, or are sold in any nearby store.

Vase is always the right thing, which can be just a sweet and original decoration of your house, and is also always ready to embrace the bouquets of fragrant and colorful flowers.

And since we try to put flowers always in sight, then the vase should be decent, so that it fits into the surrounding decor and maintains the overall flavor of the bouquet, because its appearance at home will largely depend on it.

Vases can be very different - from the smallest, in which one or only a few flowers are placed, and huge, for example, outdoor ones, which can bear more than a dozen roses or any other flower beauties.

In order to undertake the creation of a new vase, you will need to decide what size it should be, as well as which manufacturing technique you choose, maybe it will be weaving, engraving on a glass surface, decoupage or craquelure, there are many options, we will give An example is just a few, the most interesting.How to know, maybe you are so carried away by the creation and decoration of vases that this will develop into your constant and serious hobby.

Minimalist and stylish

Small vases for one or a pair of flowers

Glass and ball

One of the original and very simple methods is a vase for one flower, which consists of a usual oblong glass and an inflatable ball. The ball is better to choose some bright color, for example, red or cherry, cut off the top of it, making a cut exactly on the widest part of the ball.

Even a lamp can make a vase

Such a vase, by the way, can be made even by the smallest schoolboy, solemnly handing it to her mother on March 8th along with a flower. The ball itself needs to be pulled on top of the glass, and the "pimpochku", through which the ball is usually puffed, - to push through the glass, now a flower will be inserted into it.

The glass itself, by the way, can also be decorated, for example, with a beautiful sticker or pattern painted with acrylic paints.

Bottles and jars

In fact, you can make an interesting vase with your own hands from a wide variety of elements, for example, plastic or glass bottles, jars or small boxes.

We give you the option with plastic bottles.You will need one whole 1.5-liter bottle, preferably transparent, and about five 0.5-liter plastic bottles. From all small bottles you will need to trim the neck, then make four holes in the big bottle along the inner contour of the neck.

Masterpieces are easy to do with your own hands.

It is better that these holes are closer to the top, then there will be more space for water. The holes are outlined along the contour of the neck of small bottles, and then cut out with scissors.

All cut small bottles are inserted with necks into the hole, creating such a peculiar vase with five necks, for each flower - its own hole. Such a vase, for example, you can put in the country or in the summer house, unusual and very simple!

Of course, you can do even easier - cut the neck of a plastic bottle, and all that remains of it can be decorated with various other techniques.

However, in this case it is better to turn to a small glass jar, for example, per 1 liter volume. Also for these purposes, well suited glass milk bottles that have an elongated neck. The easiest way is to glue over the jar with corrugated colored paper outside.

Style is present in everything.

Just cut it into small pieces, choose a variety of colors. In order for it to stick well, it is better to use a special glue for decoupage or ordinary PVA glue, only diluted with water in a 1: 1 ratio. After the glue dries, it will become transparent, and to heighten the effect, the vase can be coated with a clear varnish.

By the way, instead of corrugated paper, sliced ​​pieces of bright glossy magazines may come up, pick them up in approximately one color range, and glue the jar tightly so that there are no gaps.

Returning to the corrugated paper - it can, for example, be cut into strips of various widths and glued to the bank all the same with strips, it is better that one go to the other when gluing. For these same purposes can be suitable colored electrical tape.

Another interesting way is to decorate a glass jar with a knitted or cloth cover. This option, of course, is suitable for those who are faced with the technique of knitting and sewing. Such covers can, for example, be changed depending on the season or the main color of the bouquet.

We make an outdoor vase with our own hands

To do this you will need a cardboard box, various acrylic paints, acrylic primer, paper, water-based paint, glue for decoupage and varnish.The cardboard box should be high and narrow; a golden powder or the same spray paint can still be useful.

Hand painted gorgeous

The cardboard box is covered with a primer, which is necessary for good application of the following layers. Then glue the sliced ​​newspaper onto the surface of the box, we get papier-mâché. Now already prepared box is covered with white water-based paint so that newspapers are out of sight.

After the first layers have dried, we begin to apply the main color, which will be quite noticeable already on the finished product. As a decoration for a vase, you can use napkins for decoupage, which are glued to the vase so that various relief protrusions are obtained, all this is also covered with paint. Reliefs can be covered with golden powder, but so that the main color of the vase is visible.

For additional decoration, you can use a variety of elements, for example, golden ribbons that can be folded into flowers or bows, or you can simply wrap a vase with them in a casual order. Also fit beads and iridescent pebbles, you can make a pattern or some kind of pattern.

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