How to make a dart for yourself with a dart

Step-by-step instruction

On the first step from a prepared branch, cut off a fragment length 8-10 centimeters, then remove the bark. The latter can not be done, but there is a chance that as the drying darts will be deformed. Additionally, bark delamination can become a problem, and this will lead to a violation of the aerodynamic properties of the product and a deterioration in the degree of accuracy when throwing.
 Making a dart for darts
Next action - winding insulating tape on one edge of the wooden fragment, as well as in the middle.
 Making darts for darts
Next, starting from the end, where there is no izolnnta make deep branch two perpendicular cut to a depth of 3 cm. The wings of the product will subsequently be inserted into them. Making a dart for darts
We proceed to the manufacture of "feathering" from a previously prepared piece of plastic bottle. You need to cut out a couple of elements, giving them a shape, like in the picture below.
 Making a dart for darts
In the next step, bend the wings in the middle, achieving an angle of 90 degrees.
Making a dart for darts
Gently tapping, immerse a needle or a nail in a tree. This is done from the side where there is wound insulation tape.

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