How to make a decoupage box

Decoupage technique involves decorating objects with paper appliqués. She has been known for a long time and still enjoys the deserved attention of needlewomen and creative people. With the help of decoupage you can turn an unnecessary bottle, decanter or box into a refined thing. Such an item will perfectly enliven the interior of a room or kitchen, decorate a festive table, and also will be suitable as an exclusive gift. Wooden blanks for decoupage you can find at

Before you begin the process itself, you need to prepare all the materials. The list includes:
• capacity for decoration;
• acrylic paints;
• color acrylic contour;
• colorlessvarnish (better acrylic);
• napkins with your favorite pattern;
• glue (PVA or acrylic);
• brushes of different sizes;
• foam sponge;
• nail scissors;
• ribbons, ribbons.

Table where you are going to work, it is better to cover with oilcloth to avoid trouble with varnish and glue. If there are paper stickers on the box, they must be soaked and removed first. The surface must be clean and dry. After that, you can proceed directly to the process of decoupage.
1. Using a foam sponge, apply one layer of acrylic to the surface of the box. You can choose the color of paint at your discretion, focusing on the color pattern on the napkin and your taste. One has only to note that a white background almost always looks very advantageous.
2.After the applied layer of paint dries, cover the box with another layer of the same color. If necessary, you can paint the surface a third time (also after the second layer is completely dry).
3. The next layer is applied varnish. It is better to opt for acrylic lacquer, as it is suitable for coating acrylic paint, dries quickly and does not emit a pungent odor when working. But if one is not available, then varnish of any other composition will do, as long as it is without a shade. Lacquer is also given time to dry completely.
4. If the cloth is double, then the layers must be separated. For work, you need only the top layer with a pattern. The selected fragment can be cut with nail scissors, but you can also carefully tear off with your hands. The latter option is even preferable - the image will look more natural on the bottle.
5. Place the cut piece on the surface of the container and apply it with a brush with a brush. A brush should be made light smoothing movements, so as not to tear and not make the folds on a delicate napkin.Working with acrylic glue is somewhat more difficult, so if you are afraid of damaging the drawing, it is better to use PVA glue.
6. To make the bottle look “richer”, toned the areas without drawing with acrylic paint. It is better to do this not with a brush, but with a sponge. You can even choose a few shades. Toning can go a little and on the edge of the picture - it will help to hide the sharp edge of the napkin. Let the paint dry.
7. If desired, on the tinting layer, draw an additional ornament, snowflakes, stars, curls or just dots with an acrylic outline.
8. After the acrylic dries, the entire surface of the box must be covered with two layers of varnish. Each layer, as in the previous stages of the work, must be given time to dry.
Decoupage is a simple matter if you take care and creativity. Let such a decoration pleases the eye and brings practical benefits!

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