How to make a diamond generator?

Svetlana Noskova
Svetlana Noskova
January 29, 2013
How to make a diamond generator?

For a long time everyone knows the game "Minecraft", thousands of PC users have been playing the game enthusiastically for a long time. But not everyone knows all the secrets in it. We tried to uncover some secrets for Minecraft fans. How to make a diamond generator? Let's talk today about it.

Create a lower world

During the game, you will surely encounter many difficulties on your way. After all, this game, like many others, has its own secrets and pitfalls. If you have wondered about how to make a diamond generator, then read carefully.

To create a generator of diamond blocks, we need to create a portal to the Lower World (Hell). If someone does not know, the portal is assembled from obsidian blocks. For this you need to vertically position the obsidian blocks in the shape of a frame (a rectangle with a “hole” in the middle). The area of ​​this "hole" should be two blocks in width and three in height. After that you need a cigarette lighter to set fire to one of the lower blocks. A portal is immediately formed.The lighter is crafted from one iron ingot and one silicon. This can be done in the inventory, placing these elements diagonally in the window for crafting. To use the portal, you need to stand in it for a few seconds. But this is for us now to nothing. Our portal is part of a diamond block generator.

Connect the walls

The base of the portal should be flush with the current surface. That is, it must stand so that it can be entered without a jump. Now, from each portal column, build in one direction a wall one block high and 6–9 long in any blocks (9 is the maximum). Connect these two walls with two more blocks. Thus, you have left the moat, ending the portal. Now, from the opposite side of the portal, pour out two buckets of water to create a water slide that flows to the portal. Place a workbench on the wall.

We get diamond blocks

Now jump into the water, open the workbench and put a diamond block into it (crafted from 9 diamonds). When you are flowed to the portal, the workbench window will close and 2 diamond blocks will jump out of it. The first rises without problems. To take the second one, you need to stand on it, open the inventory on it and transfer the raised block from the cell to the cell.At the same time, you will have another block, and the one that lay on the ground will remain there.

It is important not to try to dock up the raised blocks - only 1 of them will remain. But you can go to the workbench and one by one to disassemble these blocks into diamonds. Then again come to the lying "bugged" block. Pick it up twice and go to the workbench again. Thus, you can copy any items. Who did not understand, ask the youtube-channels on the game Minecraft, how to make a diamond generator.

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