How to make a face tan

First you need to decide on a shade of foundation. Quite often, girls solve this problem too simply - they buy a foundation and the cream is much darker than their skin tone. And they are mistaken - after all, how much tan will yourface, additional agents (powders, bronzers) take part, but the cream should be of a natural, warm shade, practically not different from your skin color.
After applying and carefully shading the cream (and it is much better to do it with the help of special sponge), you can proceed directly to giving the skin a tanned, rested appearance. What means do you have on the shelf? In order to beautifully emphasize the cheekbones and give the skin a sculptural relief, it would be nice to get soft and high-quality powder in balls and with a bronze sheen. The texture of this powder should be very soft, lie flat and not crumble.You can find powder with balls of different shades - from pastel beige to brown and bronze, so you can create completely different effects, depending on the degree of tanned skin.
Sometimes it is quite reasonable to apply tanning for the body, however, it is worth taking a sufficiently responsible attitude to its choice. In no case should it be sticky, too dark, and it should be designed specifically for the face. Body tanning is much harder, it clogs up the pores of the face and often looks just sloppy. Before applying the tanning procedure, you should well peel the skin with a soft scrub (this is almost the most important procedure, since the texture of your skin should be even and free from dead skin scales).
Then onfaceIt is necessary to apply a moisturizer, however, it should be free of dyes and fragrances. Apply it should be a thin layer, paying particular attention to dry skin, as in most cases the tan appears there much brighter.

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