How to make a photo studio?

A photo studio can be attributed to this type of business, which requires daily hard work, it does not work out quickly and a lot. In our today's article we will talk with you about how to open a photo studio and what is required for this.

The income of photographic studios consists of three main factors: professional shooting in a studio (for example, a portfolio, booklets, some advertising materials, etc.); reporting shot; rental of studio space and related equipment. Currently, the demand for the services of professional photographers has increased dramatically, and this is due to the fact that sales of SLR cameras are increasing

Photo Studio Location

The best option is to arrange a photo studio in the city center. The area of ​​your studio should correspond to a size of at least 60 square meters, 10-15 meters of them will need to be taken under the dressing room and a place for the administrator. The remaining area is the studio itself. In this area it is necessary to place the lighting equipment.I note that when choosing a room for a studio, you need to pay attention to the height of the ceiling, it should be no more than 3-3.5 meters.

The rent of such a room will be quite high. Plus, you will still need to spend money on repairing the premises. About a month you will need to arrange a photo studio (repair, installation of all equipment).

The walls, floor and ceiling should be made in solid colors - you can use gray, white or black. The effect of shine during the filming will allow to achieve white color, while black does not give undesirable glare. Gray color will help to avoid changes in color temperature and will provide an opportunity to remove objects with a fairly high reflectance. It is best to lay linoleum on the floor, window openings are draped with a cloth, because most of the filming will require long exposure.

How to make a photo studio: equipment

Naturally, for work the main point is the correct choice of camera. Below I will give the most common models for professional photography:

  • Canon EOS 40D Body.
  • Nikon D80 Body.
  • Canon EOS 5D Body.

Canon professional cameras have a fairly long shutter resource, they work faster, have a widescreen matrix that will allow you to take and make photos on large-format paper.Nikon also has a lot more choices of different lenses and accessories. For the first time working in the studio, one Canon EF 24-70 mm lens with f / 2 8 L USM will be quite enough. By the way, this lens is also suitable for reportage photography.

Your photo studio should have at least four sources of light. I recommend Bowens and Hensel manufacturers. They will need to buy special racks, exposure meter, cellular attachment, softboxes, curtains.

Very important when photographing the background screen saver. Backgrounds exist roll-paper (disposable) and rag (reusable). With the help of cloth, you can create different folds and effects. They come in four colors: 2 colors, white and black. I will add that the camera will need more accessories: a tripod, memory cards, filters.

Studio advertising and payback

To work effectively, a photo studio will need to create a website where you can upload your portfolio. As an alternative to the site, a group of your photo studio created on a social network can perform.

Corporate clients for studio and reportage photography can be searched through various advertising agencies. After a long work, the creation of a recognizable name for yourself, advertising will no longer be needed, because “word of mouth” will begin work.You can also successfully promote the services of your studio when selling a variety of gift certificates, distributing business cards and booklets.

Reporting and studio shooting cost about one thousand rubles per hour. After about 1 year of work, it will be possible to raise prices, for example, up to 1.5 thousand rubles. Private orders should be 30 percent of revenue, and corporate -70 percent.

How to make a home photo studio

If you do not have the necessary financial resources to rent a room for a photo studio, I recommend making a studio right at home. The room must meet the following criteria:

  • The higher the ceilings, the better. Low ceiling imposes restrictions on the process of shooting, but at the same time, it can serve as a good reflector.
  • For the background, you should choose a flat, monochromatic surface.
  • For lighting will need additional sources of light, because home lighting is very dim and flat.
  • To make a photo studio at home, you must use a good camera. Preference is best given to modern SLR cameras. When taking portraits, it is necessary to use a camera with a modern zoom lens, with a focal length of 50-135 mm, and you can set the shutter speed to 1/250 and the aperture to 16-22.

Now you know, not only how to open a photo studio, but also how to make a home photo studio. Creating a photo studio is still quite troublesome and expensive. I hope my article will help you in this endeavor.

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