How to make a small apartment comfortable

The issue of housing arrangement is often relevant for many of us, because many apartments have a small area, and the main task remains to make small housing no longer seem cramped and crammed with things.

What exactly can affect the size of a small dwelling:
• Height of regular ceilings
• Combining space with color, style and texture
• Bold colors
• Lighting
• Minimalism
In addition, a small space can be visually made wider. For example, a small room would be better decorated with large things. And if you completely give up curtains, the building will become much lighter and more spacious.
You can also make your home more spacious by simply redesigning. Let's say you can change the swing doors to standard sliding doors or use built-in wardrobes. You can order good furniture here - custom-made furniture in Sevastopol.
Moreover, mirrored panels, which are usually fixed on the walls or the ceiling, will visually increase the space. The same effect will be obtained if you place a wardrobe with mirror sliding doors all over the wall - a wardrobe to order in Sevastopol .
The creation of a standard studio apartment project can be a good choice. You will need to completely dismantle walls and partitions and highlight all zones using light effects or using multi-level ceilings and simple relief finishing of all wall surfaces.Thanks to this solution, it is possible to achieve the effect of overflow of space, opening absolutely new possibilities for creating a unique and original room.
As a rule, repair in a small house requires very accurate and correct calculations and a well thought out layout of any furniture. For this reason, before proceeding to work, determine the basic principle of zoning and make sketches of the interior. And still need to choose the texture and color range of materials for decoration.

Often, the size of a room is increased by the adjoining balcony. In this case, the loggia can even compose a composition with the studio apartment if they are connected by a decorative arch.

• Sinks and hobs
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• Home appliances
• Refrigerator
If space allows, you can make a bar counter,which will separate the kitchen and dining area. Then comes the turn of the place to rest. She means a sofa, a TV, a small table and various accessories. Cabinet area, in turn, necessarily involves a written or computer desk, chair and good lighting.
And finally, it is always important to remember that repairs in small apartments are subject to a single rule, namely, the room should be not only spacious, but also comfortable.

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