How to make a sword from a ball?

August 19, 2014
How to make a sword from a ball?

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How to make a sword from a ball?

Children love spectacular gestures. Therefore, at a children's party, for example, a person who knows how to make some original and funny toy out of a ball is very much appreciated. Let's consider step by step what needs to be done to make a sword out of a ball:

  1. First of all, you should stock up on special long sausage balloons in advance (one balloon is required for one sword). In addition to the balls, you may need a pump, but this is optional.
  2. With everything you need, you can start twisting (modeling fromSword swordballoons). Do not worry in advance, this procedure is subject even to children of middle school age. Moreover, twisting has a very beneficial effect on hand motor skills and the development of creative thinking.
  3. The main rule of twisting is to leave a small segment of the ball (3-5 cm) without air, so that you have enough free space for twisting. Otherwise the ball will burst. Another secret is to press lightly.Sword swordthe ball after each twist, so that the air is distributed evenly.
  4. All twists are performed with one hand, while the other hand holds the first and last bubbles. Each action is performed in three turns. All turns need to make only in one direction. When inflating the knot it is worth tying without resorting to any auxiliary means. It will be enough just to slightly pull off the tail of the ball and tie a knot.Sword sword
  5. Having mastered the basic rules of twisting, you can start making your first sword. To do this, the ball-sausage needs to be bent 20 cm from the end of the ball, then bend again. As a result, you get a snake.
  6. Pinching all the layers in the center, you need to twist them together. After you have straightened everything, you will have a beautiful sword with a handle. The handle can also be decorated with a small ball on each edge. This toy will be safe for children, even if they decide to play war games.

Knowing the technique of making toys from balloons, you can create a wide variety of shapes. They will surely delight your children and their guests.

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