How to make a trust payment

At MTS, this service is called "Promisedpayment"And is available with the service" On Full Trust ". By connecting this service, you have the opportunity to communicate on a mobile phone, even with a negative balance. The limit of negative balance is from 300 to 750 rubles, depending on the amount of your expenses for communication services from the previous month. Use the service "Promisedpayment"You can use the Internet Assistant, either by calling 1113 or dialing * 111 * 32 #
Megafon offers to its subscribers the service “Trust”, which is essentially the same trustworthypaymentohm The service can be activated in two ways: paid or free. For a free service connection, you need to contact any office of the operator where you will be connected to the service and calculate the credit limit depending on the amount of your mobile communication expenses for the previous month. It is possible to pay for the service independently, for which you need to dial * 138 # and, following the prompts, select the package you are interested in.

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