How to make a whistle with your own hands?

The whistle is simple, but such an amusing and fun children's toy! And if you want, you can do it yourself.

How to make a whistle?

How can you make a whistle with your own hands? We offer several interesting ways.

Method one

A simple, but sonorous whistle you can make of wood. Here's what you'll need:

  • smooth and neat twig of linden or willow (optimal thickness is about 1.2-1.5 cm);
  • sharp knife;
  • ruler.

The manufacturing process is quite simple:

  1. Cut a piece from the sprig of a length of at least 10-12 cm (you can slightly more).
  2. From one edge, retreat about five to seven millimeters and with a knife make a circular, shallow incision along the girth. Remove the bark from the edge.
  3. On the other side, you need to make an oblique cut. On the same side, measure two or three centimeters and make another oblique incision, which will go to a depth of about a quarter of a twig. Next, make a straight cut deep and remove the excess.
  4. Now, with a small hammer or knife handle, carefully and gently tap the entire workpiece on all sides. At this stage, the bark should separate from the wood, and this is what you need.Do not tear the bark, it will be needed later.
  5. Now, from the upper part of the edge with an oblique cut (where the acute angle is located), cut off a part of the rod about two to three millimeters thick.
  6. Next, place the wood in the bark again. The left hole when blowing into the air will make a whistle.

If you wish, you can color the finished whistle, then it will definitely become your child’s favorite bright toy.

Second way

A very original whistle is obtained from an ordinary aluminum can. In addition, it will require sharp scissors and tape measure.


  1. Cut the bottom of the can, and then cut its wall, making a longitudinal cut and separating the top.
  2. From the wall it is necessary to cut off a strip having a width of the order of 1-1.5 millimeters.
  3. Bend one edge of the cut strip into a ring about 15-17 mm in diameter.
  4. Loose the free edge near the ring, measure from it 25-30 millimeters. The remaining segment, if necessary, should be shortened to four centimeters.
  5. Wrap the edge of the first part with a free strip, slide it to the ring. Next, move this part with scissors or a thin knife to make a whistle nozzle.
  6. The product is ready.And its side parts will be your thumb and forefinger, which need to close the sections of the ringlet.

Third way

Using the technique of origami, you can make an interesting whistle out of paper. You will also need a ruler with a pencil, scissors.


  1. For manufacturing you will need a diagram, which is presented below. Cut a sheet of paper six cm wide and 16 centimeters long. Divide it into 24 equal squares with a side equal to two centimeters. The width will be three such squares, and along the length - eight.
  2. Now cut five millimeters from the bottom edge.
  3. Next, start folding the paper according to the attached diagram.

If you do not understand the scheme, you can watch a detailed video.

Fourth way

There will surely be a pen in every house, and from it you can also make a ringing whistle. Here is what you need:

  • the basis of a fairly wide handle (for example, with several rods);
  • stationery knife;
  • ruler;
  • plasticine;
  • sandpaper.


  1. One end of the pen must be cut diagonally using a stationery knife.
  2. Next, measure about three to five centimeters from an oblique cut, make an oblique cut in the body, which will go halfway deep. Above the end of this cut, start cutting the body straight, remove the extra part.
  3. Oblique cut with sandpaper so that it does not hurt the lips.
  4. Close the other end with clay.
  5. Try your whistle.

Tip: the thicker the knob you take, the louder and more resonant the sound will be.

If the child requires a whistle, or it is needed for other purposes, then you can make it yourself.

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