How to make noise insulation in the apartment?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
December 19, 2014
How to make noise insulation in the apartment?

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How to make noise insulation in the apartment?

From time to time we feel the need to be in silence, especially in our own home. However, extraneous sounds can burst into our space regardless of our desires. Noise from the street, from the landing, from neighbors can be a strong irritant. If at the stage of building a house this was not given due attention, then you need to take matters into your own hands and make noise insulation in the apartment yourself.

Materials for sound insulation of walls, ceiling and floor

Experts advise before using sound-proof materials to find out the most vulnerable places for noise penetration. If there are cracks and cracks need to be repaired.

ZIPS panels

The sound-insulating panel system (ZIPP) is attached to the surface through strictly the vibro-nodes available on each of them. Along the perimeter with the help of a sealant (“Vibrosil”) they glue the vibration-insulating tape (“Vibrostek-M”).When installing the system on the ceiling, the tape on the edges is laid in two layers. After installation, the joints are treated with the same sealant and covered with plasterboard sheets, fixing them with self-tapping screws.


Applying ecowool as a sound insulating material, you can not only get rid of extraneous noise, but also warm the room. For better protection, it is worth making a double plasterboard partition, the cavity of which is filled with ecowool using a special blowing unit.

Rolled insulation based on natural flax

This environmentally friendly insulation for 85% consists of natural flax. It is not subject to rotting, does not cause an allergy, has high sound-proof characteristics. Available in linen mats, convenient for mounting. The material is elastic, which makes it easy to set it in thrust and provides a snug fit to the beams. Insulation does not crumble and does not dust, resistant to the development of fungus. It is popular both in Russia and abroad.

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