How to make pancakes with ham, cheese and mushrooms

You will need
  • –– warm milk (470 ml);
  • - chicken egg (2 pieces);
  • –Wheat flour (9 tbsp);
  • - Salt and sugar to taste;
  • –Fresh champignons (120 g);
  • –Hard cheese (70 g);
  • –Hotchina (120 g);
  • –Black pepper to taste;
  • - green onions (10 g).
Pre-cook the dough. To do this, take a deep bowl, add eggs there. Beat well using a mixer or blender. Next, gently pour in the milk, which must be pre-heated. Flour the flour in the egg-milk mixture and stir the dough again well. Salt and add sugar. Leave the dough for some time to insist.
Proceed to preparing the filling for supere. Wash the mushrooms under running water, cut into small pieces and fry in a pan with vegetable oil until softened for about 7-10 minutes. Put the mushrooms in a separate cup. Grind ham in the form of thin strips, shift to mushrooms.Grate the grated cheese with small divisions and add to the bulk. Finely chop the onion. Mix all ingredients well until a homogeneous consistency. At the end add salt and pepper.
Heat a deep frying pan to the optimum temperature for baking pancakes, do not forget to grease the bottom with a piece of bacon. This procedure must be repeated before baking each pancake. Next, pour a small amount of dough into the pan, immediately put a couple of spoons of filling, and pour a little more dough on top. Press a wooden spatula filling, evenly spreading the mixture over the pancake.
When you feel that one side of the pancake has baked enough, you should turn the pancake to the other side. Lightly press the pancake with a spatula and continue cooking for about 2 minutes.

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