How to make Santa Claus with his own hands from textiles and paper

How to make Santa Claus with his own hands from textiles and paperThe New Year is a special holiday for all of us, but especially he is loved by children. In order to create an atmosphere of a fairy tale in a house, it is necessary to arrange it in the appropriate theme. This can be done with minimal cost, if you make your own snowflakes, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And it is not difficult at all, so you can make jewelry with children.

Father Frost himself: a master class

Beautiful Santa Claus can be made from textiles. For the head, you will need a ball from sintepon, inserted into a nylon. The nose is also made of a small piece of a sintepon ball, while the fabric is pulled down with a needle and thread and sewn in the central part is ready. Also come with the formation of cheeks. After all procedures, caprone is sutured at the bottom of the head.

How to make Santa Claus eyes

It is most convenient to make eyes from ordinary buttons, for each you need three pieces:

  • white - will serve as a protein;
  • blue or blue - will mimic the iris;
  • black - will be used as a pupil.

Buttons need to be sewn to the head, and then covered with a colorless varnish. With the help of a thread and a needle, by tightening the tissue, form eyebrows over each eye.
How to make Santa Claus with his own hands from textiles and paper

Making Santa's beard

For a beard and mustache, white weed threads are required for knitting. A bundle of thread to sew to the head under the nose. Still need a red cloth for the cap, you can sew a slightly disheveled sintepon, which will mimic the hair. Cheeks and nose can be covered with pink varnish.

How to make a Snow Maiden do it yourself

The Snow Maiden's head is made in a similar way - from a sintepon ball. Eyes are made of buttons. Eyebrows are drawn on the fabric with a helium pen or a black marker. Mouth can also be drawn with a marker. For the production of pigtails take two bundles of white thread of equal length, braid their braids and sewn to the top of the head. The ends of the braids can be tied with small blue ribbons. It will also require a small flap of blue fabric to make the cap.

How to sew costumes of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

You can sew costumes for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden from any fabric of blue and red. For example, you can take an old terry robe or a towel for this. For decoration, you will also need fluffy threads, fur, lace golden braid.
How to make Santa Claus with his own hands from textiles and paper
First you need to use the pattern and cut out all the elements of the costume. Then stitch them all together. Cuffs, hem, hem and collar can be decorated with braid or fur. For the Snow Maiden, instead of a hat, you can make a beautiful kokoshnik, it will look more elegant, but this type of work is a little more difficult to do.
How to make Santa Claus with his own hands from textiles and paper
The torso of Christmas dolls are made of synthetic winterizer and nylon. Mittens are made by tightening the fabric. It will be beautiful if you make more and legs and put on them boots or boots.

How to make Santa Claus out of paper

Making Santa Claus and Snow Maiden out of paper is easier than out of cloth. To do this, you just need to find the corresponding picture, cut it out and join all edges according to the instructions. You can make paper dolls also from colored paper, without ready-made templates, but this will require more skill.

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