How to make scrapbooking for beginners: step-by-step photos


Not everyone knows how to make scrapbooking for beginners, and many do not know what this newfangled word means. By this term we understand the type of needlework that is used to design postcards, photo albums, notebooks and other things. If you translate the word "scrapbooking" from English, it means "book of scrapbooks". To date, special materials are available for such occupation. They are varied and provide an opportunity to realize the most unusual ideas. To create beautiful postcards or scrapbooking albums, for beginners there are step-by-step master classes with photos.

Scrapbooking Techniques

The essence of the scrapbooking technique is to transmit the story through a visual image. This technique allows you to tell about a memorable date, to describe a specific episode from your own life with the help of pictures.

On a note! Initially, the scrapbooking technique was used for the design of photo albums. Today it is used to create postcards, notebooks, caskets and other accessories.

Finished products, made using scrapbooking technology, have a high price. When you create crafts with your own hands, entrainment draws, allows you to have fun. Therefore, it is much better to make the product yourself, than to pay big money. Especially when creating a thing with your own hands, you can realize what was conceived in life. The main thing is that the fantasy works well.

What paper is suitable for scrapbooking

For the manufacture of crafts using the scrapbooking technique, special paper is used, which is distinguished by high density, long shelf life and ease of use. You can buy it in specialized stores. They are ready to offer a wide range of products. There is an opportunity to choose a plain or multi-colored paper, in the appropriate subject.


On a note! Scrapbooking paper can be one-sided or two-sided (that is, the drawing is on both sides). If you need a higher density material, you can choose cardboard.

Paper for scrapbooking comes in different sizes.You can also make it yourself by printing pictures on the printer.

Postcard in the technique of scrapbooking: a master class for beginners


Before you make a postcard in the style of scrapbooking for beginners, you must prepare the following materials and tools:

  • special paper;
  • wave scissors;
  • decorations (at discretion);
  • stationery knife;
  • glue;
  • brads
  • needle with thread.

The process of making a postcard is quite simple and is described step by step with a photo, which for beginning masters makes it much easier. An approximate plan for creating a product consists of the following steps:


For making postcards scrapbooking do-it-yourself for beginners there is a master class with detailed instructions and step-by-step photos:

  1. Prepare two sheets with different drawings, the dimensions of which are 11x20 and 10x20 cm.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-5
  2. Glue the sheets of paper together, as in the photo. It is necessary to make an overlap of about 1 cm (a sheet of paper of a smaller size is superimposed on a large one).kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-6
  3. Sew the sheets with the threads of the corresponding colors, performing crosses. This can be done manually or use a sewing machine.


  4. Cut out of paper with different patterns 3 rectangles, also differing in size. Also prepare the substrate for the photo.Place them on the stitched sheets, according to the photo.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-8

  5. Attach the prepared elements using double-sided tape or glue.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-9

  6. Attach decorations in such a way that they look good and together create a common composition.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-10

  7. Design the bottom of the postcard, securing a rectangle with the brads for the inscription and wishes.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-11

  8. Cut out 4 squares of the same size from paper or cardboard. Post them on a card, as in the photo. Attach decorative elements from above.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-12

  9. Cut out the paper oval for the title. You should also cut a larger oval out of paper with a different pattern. Stick a smaller shape on a larger one. This will add volume to the element, thereby attracting attention. Place the item in the upper left corner of the postcard.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-13

  10. That's all, the postcard in the style of scrapbooking for beginners is ready. It remains to write the inscription, wish, paste the photo. That is, complete the design.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-14

Such a scrapbooking card, which is easy to make step by step, you can give your mother a birthday present. You can also make another inscription.

Postcard-envelope in the technique of scrapbooking: a master class


How to make a scrapbooking card for beginners with your own hands? You will need the following materials and tools:

  • paper or cardboard lilac, purple, white;
  • silk or paper flowers of suitable shades with leaves;
  • double-sided and foamed scotch;
  • transparent glue;
  • acrylic stamp with the inscription congratulatory themes;
  • stamp paint purple;
  • half pearls in ivory;
  • curb punch figured;
  • a simple pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors.


The master class in scrapbooking for beginners describes in detail how to make crafts in the form of a postcard envelope with your own hands:

  1. One edge of a sheet of lilac color of A4 format to process a figured hole punch.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-17
  2. Measure from the opposite edge of 3 cm and draw a vertical line that runs parallel to this edge. Thus, you get a pocket where you can put money or a congratulatory insert. Next, you need to bend the sheet in half so that the patterned edge and the bend are on either side of the fold line.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-18

  3. Cut out of purple cardboard two stripes, the width of which corresponds to 7 and 1.5 cm. Their height coincides with the height of the postcard. To process a wide strip with a curb hole punch on one side.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-19

  4. On the back of each strip stick double sided tape.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-20

  5. Attach the item with the processed curly side on the pocket.The second part is glued to another page of the postcard, departing from the fold line about 2 cm. How to do this can be seen in the photo.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-21

  6. It's time to use paper flowers with leaves. From them the composition is laid out. Before sticking them to the card, it is advisable to attach them to different places of the fake in order to understand where they will look better. When a suitable place is found, you should attach paper flowers with leaves to the postcard with a transparent glue.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-22

  7. Cut a rectangular shape from cardboard of purple color, which size is 8x7 cm. After that, a rectangle with sides of 6.5 and 5.5 cm should be cut out of lilac cardboard. Stamp paint on the stamp and then make an imprint on the lilac blank.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-23

  8. In order to make the card larger, it is necessary to attach pieces of foamed tape to the circulation of rectangular pieces.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-24

  9. On the front side of the postcard, attach the halves of pearls. However, you should not glue them too much, it is enough to place vertically, along the curly edge. Glue the rectangle to purple, and on top - lilac color.In the corners of the upper rectangle can also be decorated with halves of pearls.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-25

  10. The postcard is ready. Inside the pocket you can put another greeting card or money.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-26

Both from the front and the inside of the postcard turned out beautiful.


It is perfect as a congratulatory envelope in which banknotes will be placed.

Master class on making scrapbooking album


To make a scrapbooking album, you need the following:

  • special paper, cardboard;
  • ruler;
  • a simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • decorative elements to your taste.

Step-by-step master class for beginners in making an album in scrapbooking style:

  1. Draw 12 identical squares on paper. For example, make three rows, each of which will be placed on 4 figures. Carefully make the cuts between the rows, before finishing to the end. In other words, at the end of each row one square should remain undercut. The photo below clearly shows how to do it.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-29
  2. Bend the harmonica squares. Glue plots marked with arrows. If this is not done, the album will simply fall into separate parts.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-30

  3. Cut a strip of paper whose length will be equal to the height of the album.It should be so wide as to cover a pile of album pages. Glue the strip to the first and last page. Get the basis for the album.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-31

  4. When the main part of the album is ready, it will remain to decorate it at its own discretion. For this, decorative ornaments, fabrics, threads, rhinestones, etc. are used. When choosing decorative elements it is important to focus on the size of the album. If it is small, large parts will not work. To emphasize the individuality of the album, you can bandage it with a thread or use a beautiful ribbon for such purposes.kak-sdelat-skrapbuking-dlya-nachinayushhix-32

Ideas of fakes in scrapbooking style with photos

According to the scrapbooking technique, you can create beautiful unique products that do not just delight the eye with their appearance, they can also be used for their intended purpose. In addition, postcards and self-made albums are great gifts.

The ideas of scrapbooking fakes for beginners are varied, and the photos below are that confirmation.






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