How to measure the space under the furniture

In order for the kitchen to become well in its place, you need to measure the available area. It is necessary to do everything, buying ordinary furniture or making to order according to personal drawings. First, you need to measure the main thing: the distance from the floor and the ceiling, as well as the distance between the other walls. More correctly when a separate measurement is present in the figure.

Next, we mark the windows and doors on the project, and also measure the distance from them to the walls, floors and ceilings. And by all means it is necessary to mark the distance, it is necessary to open doors and windows and the orientation of their opening. Then we select all other protruding parts on the project, especially small ones: pipes, channels, electricians. The project will help you with what type of kitchen furniture you need to do everything.

Of particular interest is the task of placing sockets, switches, electrical channels, as well as making warm and cold water.As they will be located, you need to think ahead of time, before buying custom furniture, especially when you purchase a standard cabinet kitchen. Because the placement of sockets and pipes may not be included in the kitchen cabinets. you can see how it's done.

To get around all this, we recommend using some simple principles: rosettes for a technique (refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, etc.) should be placed at a height of 4 cm from the floor. All communications will be under the thumbs and will not interfere with the installation of the kitchen. If everything is done, transfer them to the installation of the kitchen or other furniture, if you do not want it to be sharp in place. Furniture is purchased in order to fold things, and not to hide communications!

For separate appliances: dishwashers and washing machines - outlets must be on the side. The height of the kitchen ear of the ear (tiles or wall panel) should be 60 cm. This is the most convenient distance for convenient kitchen use. It is necessary to hang the hood from the worktop at a distance of at least 70 cm - this is the standard for working in the kitchen hoods. Measure all angles and look at the degree on the protractor. When it shows that 90.5.It is not necessary to take into account that this is a flat corner. Because at large length, there may be a mismatch of up to 3 cm from the wall to the table top.

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