How to mount a disk with the game in the image in 2018

You will need
  • - Daemon Tools Lite.
Some games and programs at the time of launch require a specific drive in the drive. This method of protection is fairly easy to create.imagedisk. Install Daemon Tools Lite. This free utility, so it can be freely downloaded from the official site of developers.
After installing the program, restart the computer. Run Daemon Tools and insert the correct disk into the DVD drive. Right click on the DT icon in the system tray.
Select "Create Image". Wait for the launch of the new menu. In the “Drive” field, select the DVD-Rom that contains the desired disc.
Specify the speed of reading data from the disk. To avoid errors during image creation, use the minimum speed of reading information.
Find the "Result file" field and click the "Browse" button. Select the folder on your hard disk where the resulting file will be saved. Enter the name of the future image.
Uncheck the “Compress data” option.If you want to be sure that the image creation process was perfect, activate the function “Delete image on error”. It is worth noting that this option is better to skip if the DVD has scratches.
To prevent unwanted use of the image, check the box next to "Password for encryption" and enter the desired combination twice. Click the "Start" button and wait until the process of creating a disk image is completed.
After the utility completes, remove the DVD from the drive. Right-click on the Daemon Tools icon and select the “Mount Image” option. Specify the path to the newly created file.
If you want to work with several images at the same time, install Daemon Tools Pro or Alcohol 120%.

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