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How to Order Alcohol

So, you've just turned 21 and you're finally allowed to order alcohol. The only problem is, you're not quite sure how. Never fear, this article will give you all the tips you need to order alcohol and not look like a complete newcomer.


  1. Find a place that sells alcohol.You can't order alcohol if you show up to a place that doesn't actually serve it. To avoid having to drink orange juice, make sure the place that you're going to sells alcohol. The best places are bars, clubs and some restaurants. They practically make all their money off of alcohol so you'll be sure that they sell it.
  2. Take a seat.Before you run off to the bar, take a seat with your buddies. Spend a few minutes deciding what you're going to order. If you and your friends are buying rounds and you're paying first, you will have to order everyone's drinks. Make a mental or physical note of what they want. If you're not buying rounds, you'll just have to buy your own drink.
  3. Find the bar.The bar isn't usually hard to miss. It's the most important part of a pub or club. Make a quick scan of the building with your eyes to find it. There could be speakers or TVs to attract people to it and there could be a long line or a cluster of people waiting to order. If you're having trouble, ask one of your friends to help you look for it.
  4. Approach the bar.Now's the scary part; making your way to the bar. Don't forget everyone's drinks under the pressure. If it helps, ask a friend to walk there with you. It's probably a good idea to go in twos, you don't want to be hassled by a load of drunks on your first time, do you? Walk to the bar like you'd walk anywhere else; don't try to do agangsterwalk, you're not cool yet. When approaching the bar, have your money in your hand and keep your wallet safe and out of view.
  5. Wait.Now that you're at the bar, you have to wait for the waiter to take your order. If there are lots of people around, this could take some time. Don't shove your way to the front and don't call the waiter over, just wait your turn. If you're alone, however, kindly call the waiter over if they haven't already seen you. Never click your fingers for the waiter, it's extremely rude and they probably won't serve you. Just a polite "over here mate" will do.
  6. Place your order.Once the waiter's come over to you, they'll probably say something along the lines of "How can I help you?". Now's the time to place your order. Tell the waiter how many drinks you'd like and what drinks you want. Just saying "three drinks" over and over will annoy them, be clear on what drink you want. Try to avoid changing your mind last minute, it can be hard if they've already poured the drink and they might still charge you for it.
  7. Pay.After you've got all of the drinks, the waiter will tell you the price. If you're in a pub, it could be quite expensive. Don't freak out, just pay the bill. If you would like to, leave a small tip. It doesn't have to be a huge amount, £1 or two will do. For example, if your drinks come up to £18.50, give a £20 note, smile, and say "keep the change". Be sure to make it clear that you're leaving a tip, not just forgetting your change. If you would not like to tip the waiter, just wait for your change. Enjoy your drinks.

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