How to organize a private enterprise

You will need
  • You will need to pay the state duty and collect a package of documents.
Hand over the prepared package of documents to your tax authority. You can download the list of required documents on the website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.
After you have handed over your documents, the tax inspector will issue you a receipt. It will contain the date of the decision on registration. The term of consideration of the application is 5 working days.
Open a bank account - you need to take with you all the documents you received. This procedure is paid, and you may be given a card with a sample signature - you will need to be certified by a notary. And the last thing: if you want, you can make a seal, or you can not do this - this is up to you.
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In the event that you become engaged in business without registering, all the rules established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation will still apply to you.
Helpful advice
Before you go with the package of documents to the tax authority, first go to the Website of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and once again check the list of documents. Make sure that you understand everything and that you have the necessary documents in the proper form. In case of questions, it is better to call your tax authority and consult.

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