How to patch jeans on your knees?

Knees- one of the "weak" places on the jeans. In adults, they are drawn, for example, during sedentary work. And children can tear pants, even putting them on for the first time. It’s not a shame for an adult to part with a damaged thing, she’s probably an old one. But children's jeans serve a maximum of several seasons. You can try to save a torn thing with the help of a latok. In modern fashion, they take their own place. Patchwork now serves as an ornament for clothes, a way to diversify familiar things, express yourself to the master. Baby patches can be bright, shiny, with uneven edges. It can be a fabric with funny patterns, ornaments or catchy colors. From monophonic matter, you can cut flowers, stars or attractive faces of cartoon characters. A child in such jeans will be even more interesting to go for a walk. The easiest option is to patch up the jeans, take trimming the same jeans, the right blue hue. How to do the work 1. From a piece of denim cut squares. Can be the same size, can be different. The main thing is that the patches together should close the hole.
2. From all sides we make a fringe, pulling one thread from a corner. Here - about one centimeter.
makhrim patches
3. Place the squares in the leaky places. Pinning tailors pins. You can arrange them symmetrically, with a slope or randomly.
 How to patch jeans on your knees
4.Sew. If these are children's jeans, then their legs are very narrow. Make a seam on the sewing machine will only get thrust side seams. To avoid this, sew manually.
 How to patch the jeans on your knees
5. The resulting pants look no worse, and maybe even more interesting, of the original version.
How to patch jeans on knees

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