How to pay your bill on or with Sprint Zone

How to Pay Sprint Bills Online

Two Methods:

Sprint is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the United States. And to make life easier for its 54 million customers, the company allows you to pay your monthly bill online. All it requires is an account and 15 minutes of your time. You can also set up AutoPay to have your account charged automatically each month. Goodbye, late fees!


Creating an Account

  1. Go to Sprint’s website and click “Sign in,” followed by “Create profile.” Go to to access the homepage. Once you select “Sign in,” you’ll be taken to the login page. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Create profile” to get started.
    • Sprint's website is optimized for mobile so you can access it via your smartphone or tablet, too.
  2. Enter your account number, serial number, or phone number.You’ll need at least 1 of these to create your account online. If you have a paper copy of your latest bill, it will have your account number on it.
    • Your serial number is located on a sticker underneath your phone’s battery or on the box that your phone came in. It should be labelled as ESN, DEC, HEX, MEID, or MAC.
    • If you can’t find any of the 3 numbers, contact a customer service representative at their national number, which is (888) 211-4727.
  3. Type in your PIN or answer a security question to verify your identity.When you signed up for your Sprint plan, you should’ve chosen both a PIN number and a security question with a correct answer. Choose one of these to confirm you are the account owner.
    • Your PIN is a 6 to 10 digit number. It cannot contain the exact sequence of numbers that's in your Social Security number, tax ID, or Sprint account number.
    • Your security question should be something only you (and perhaps a few other people) know the answer to. For example, it might be “What was the name of your first boss?”
    • If you don’t know either of these, contact a Sprint customer service representative.
  4. Create a username and password for your account.While your username can be anything that’s easy for you to remember, your password needs to be very secure. Find the entire list of requirements for usernames and passwords on Sprint’s website to ensure that yours are both valid.
    • Usernames must be between 6 and 33 characters long and, in terms of special characters, can only include periods, hyphens, and underscores.
    • For example, “mynameisjohn” is a valid username, but “” is not, because it uses the “@” symbol.

    Sprint Account Password Requirements

    Must include at least:
    8 characters
    1 capital letter
    1 number
    1 of these special characters: - _ . $ # @ ! +

    Must not be:
    A prior password
    The same as your username
    Your phone number, account number, or Social Security number

  5. Enter your email address and click “Finish” to complete the process.All done! Once you’re satisfied with your username and password options, submit all of the information. You should be directed to a “Success!” page, where you can login to your newly created account.
    • You’ll receive a confirmation email to the address you entered. It contains a link for you to verify your account that you’ll need to access before you’re able to pay bills online.

Making a Payment Online

  1. Visit the payment page on Sprint’s website and log into your account.Go to . Once you arrive at the page, enter your username and password to login.
    • You can also access the payment page from Sprint’s homepage. Go to , hover over the “My Sprint” tab, and click “Pay bill.”
    • Click “I forgot my username or password” if you don’t remember your login information.
  2. Click “Pay Now” under the “Your Bill” tab.This will take you to the payment page so you can pay your bill. You should see a form with blank fields like “Payment amount” and “Payment method.”

    Other Payment Options

    To have your bills paid automatically,enroll in AutoPay. Each month on the due date, Sprint will withdraw the amount of your bill using the payment method of your choice.

    If you want to pay from your phone,download the My Sprint Mobile app. Choose “Make a payment” in the menu.

    If you’re making a payment for someone else or you don’t want to log in,use Express Payment. Visit and follow the instructions.

  3. Enter the total cost of your bill as the payment amount.To find your total, click “View bill” in the menu. The amount listed on the most current bill is the amount you’ll type into the field on the payment page.
    • If you have a payment arrangement, you might have a different amount rather than the total bill. Contact a customer service representative if you aren’t sure how much you’re supposed to pay.
    • You can view up to 24 months of previous bills on your “View bill” page. Make sure you are looking at the current bill when you go to pay.
  4. Choose your payment method.You can connect your Sprint account to a banking account, credit card, or debit card. Select one by clicking the radio button on the payment page.
    • Sprint accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Diner’s Club.

    How to Add a New Payment Method

    Click “Add payment method” if you want to link a new checking account, credit card, or debit card. Enter your information and then click to save it.

    Sprint keeps your payment methods on file until you remove them yourself.

  5. Verify and submit your information to complete the payment.Once you’ve filled in all of the blank fields and selected a payment method, review your information one more time. Make sure it’s correct, then click the submit button at the bottom of the page. This ends the payment process.
    • Don’t click submit without looking over your information. You could accidentally charge the wrong account or pay the wrong amount.

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How to Pay Sprint Bills Online
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