How to reduce intraocular pressure

Drug treatment. It is selected only by a doctor after a thorough examination and determination of the type of glaucoma. There are several groups of drugs. Some improve the circulation of intraocular fluid, others reduce its production, others open alternative ways for fluid to drain from the eye.
Laser treatment. There are two methods of laser treatment. With laser iridectomy, a hole is made in the iris, which improves circulation of fluid inside the eye. With the help of laser trabeculoplasty create ways of outflow of intraocular fluid into the natural drainage system.
Surgery. There are many types of surgical methods for reducing intraocular pressure. But almost all of them come down to the same thing - improving circulation inside the eye (iridectomy) or outflow of fluid to the outside with the help of artificial drains or valves.In advanced cases, the ciliary body is destroyed, which is responsible for the production of intraocular fluid.
Non-drug methods of regulation of intraocular pressure. By following simple rules, the patient can avoid increasing the intraocular pressure or even lower it.
• Requires a good outflow from the veins of the head. To do this, do not wear clothes with tight collars, do not tighten tight tie. Sleep better with a raised head.
• Watching TV in the dark, going to the cinema can cause an increase in intraocular pressure. Watch TV, read, work at the computer only in good light.
• Avoid heavy physical and visual stress.
• Eliminate work with the head and trunk tilted. Wash floors using a mop. Do not wash, leaning over the bathroom.
• Limit alcohol consumption. You can not more than one glass of wine per day.
• Smoking causes vasoconstriction, impaired blood circulation in the optic nerve and worsening of intraocular fluid outflow. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
Massage. Massage of the neck area is recommended. Once a day spend self-massage:
• Look down and close your eyes, with light index pads on the upper eyelid.

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