How to Refill Xerox Laser Cartridges

You will need
  • - toner;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a vacuum cleaner;
  • - lint-free cloth;
  • - hard brush;
  • - stationery knife
Put the cartridge with the drum unit down and leave the filling plug cork on the left. Unscrew several screws. Use a flat screwdriver to pry a pair of snaps on the near side of the case.
Open the cover and unscrew 3 screws on each side. Remove the side covers, set aside the shaft for charging.
Remove the blade by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. Remove the drum unit. Gently wrap it in a rag and set it aside. For Phaser 3110 cartridges, remove the contact spring, which is located in the contact end of the device.
Trim the rubber seals and unscrew the two screws. Remove the dosing blade. Disassembly can be considered complete.
Empty toner from remaining part that has not been disassembled. Clean all internal parts of the cartridge, it is advisable to vacuum the device and remove the remaining toner from the shaft with a hard brush.Carefully vacuum the dosing blade, and then fix it back with the appropriate latches. Lubricate the contact parts with conductive grease and install the contact spring.
Wipe the drum unit with a lint free cloth, do not touch the photo layer with your fingers. Install the side walls of the cartridge by loosening the spring guides.
Refilling can be done by pouring toner through the top cover, or you can put the dye in the filling hole with a funnel.

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