How to save for your own home

The most important thing is to set a real goal, and then move towards it with small but sure steps. The goal should be as low as possible and accessible. Suppose if you do not have any real estate, you can start with a small room or apartment in a remote area of ​​your city - these options will be cheaper than elite housing in the city center. If you own any living space, then everything is simplified - one-room can be exchanged for a two-room or even a three-room. And the surcharge is much easier to save than the whole apartment.
To accumulate and maintain your enthusiasm, there must be tools that will motivate you. A motivate will be specific amounts to which you want to strive. Suppose you need to save for a down payment in order to purchase a home on a mortgage. To get started, find out the price of the dwelling and how much the initial payment will be as a percentage, as well as additional expenses.The latter includes bank expenses and real estate agency services. Here you have a specific figure. And even if you are going to exchange an apartment with a surcharge or to buy completely for cash, in any case, you must have certain amounts in front of you.
To have a clear vision of how much you have received, how much you have set aside and accumulated, it is recommended to keep records. Get a notebook for this, or create a special document in which you will record three indicators: income, deferred amount, total amount of savings. When you have the opportunity at any time to present these figures before your eyes, there will be a strong motivation in the subconscious mind in order not to drop everything halfway and save further.
In order to save money more efficiently, you can open a deposit account in a bank at a rate of 12% per annum in rubles. This is a pretty good percentage, although you can certainly find the best conditions. You can also join the housing savings cooperatives.

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