How to spend a salary

First of all, set aside at least 10 percent of the earned amount, do so with each salary. Get a separate bank account for this, let it be NZ - emergency reserve. Later you will be able to use it if financial difficulties arise or it will be necessary to make an expensive purchase.
Now you have the amount that you can dispose of on your own. Distribute it correctly and spend it with benefit and pleasure for yourself. Make a list of what you need to buy at this particular moment - something without which you will be quite difficult. For example, new shoes, new pants or an umbrella. List the amount you plan to spend on each item from this list.
Remember what you have long wanted to do, but what you lacked or felt sorry for was money. Maybe you want to fly a balloon? Or take a two-hour horse ride? Or go scuba diving? Find out how much this pleasure will cost you.If you can't afford it right away, start putting it off on it.
Think about what you want to pamper yourself. Maybe a trip to the cinema or theater, a new dress or new books. Or maybe you collect angels figurines. Again, determine how much money you are willing to spend on it.
Now correlate the amount that you have with the amount that you would like to spend on all the necessary / desired things. If you do not have enough money for everything that you have planned, think about what you can refuse (start with the point “what would you like to indulge yourself with”).

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