How to take into account the opinion of the child

How to take into account the opinion of the childThe choice of the genre of life script. How to take into account the opinion of the child
It is clear that the choice of the genre itself will have a huge impact on the child, determining the intensity of the heat of his emotional reactions to the world.

With a tragic genre, he will wring his hands, lift them to heaven, weep, cursing fate and fate.


If he accepts the dramatic promotion of events, he thereby chooses noisy squabbles, savory plate smashing, accusing the mother-in-law of perfidy, neighbors and bosses — in secret hostility.


The wife will be loudly accused of vampirism and devouring the best years of her husband's life. And only the unexpected appearance of a friend of childhood and police, caused by neighbors, can lead to a happy ending.


Vaudeville is extremely popular with our child. But in order to color your life scenario with warmth, sunshine, taste of wine and the aroma of roasting lamb, you need to give up or reconsider the parental ideas about the hostility of the world and the irreparable imperfection of people.


As for the philosophical observation of life - this genre is the most difficult.It was not for nothing that King Solomon asked God for only one thing - wisdom.


Health and genre

The genre of the life scenario will have an amazing impact on the health of our child.


The tragic genre will inevitably bring stomach ulcers and an increased risk of heart attack.


In the genre of drama, our child will touch his life with a naked heart and pay for it with hypertension, as well as the risk of strokes and heart attacks.


All these passions bypass those who try to color short earthly existence with joy and bring it closer to the vaudeville genre. True, a good appetite leads to overweight with all the ensuing problems. But lovers of vaudeville have a longer life expectancy than lovers of tragedy and drama.


Being a philosopher is extremely healthy. Together with wisdom, tranquility and benevolence, nature provides health and longevity in one package.

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