How to treat bursitis?

Bursitis is a fairly common disease among those involved in sports or hard physical labor. The most common cause of bursitis is too much stress on the joint and, as a result, inflammation of the bursa (periarticular bag). There are other reasons: infection due to injuries, since the bursa is directly under the skin and bacteria can penetrate there through an open wound. Symptoms of bursitis are usually pain and inflammation in the joint area.

The choice of methods and methods of treatment of bursitis

How to treat bursitis? The method and method of treatment and prevention of bursitis depends on the causes of this disease. That is, if there is an infection of the periarticular fluid, doctors will use antibiotics to eliminate the infection. In the event that infection has not occurred, treatment will be aimed at eliminating the main symptoms of the disease - inflammation and pain.

Traditional methods and methods of treatment of bursitis

If you go to a medical institution in order to cure bursitis, the treatment of this disease, of course, begins with the fact that the doctor first of all will examine the sore joint. Then, to eliminate possible infection, a specialist will perform an analysis of the periarticular fluid. In addition, you will be asked to take an x-ray of the sore joint.

Thus, the doctor will have all the necessary information for a correct diagnosis. Only after that your doctor will prescribe you the necessary medications and procedures for the treatment and prevention of bursitis.

What can a doctor appoint?

  • Medications for pain and inflammation - anti-inflammatory and painkillers (analgesics).
  • Warming up, as well as many other physiotherapeutic procedures, will help to remove the main symptoms of the disease, reduce discomfort. These procedures are also aimed at relieving tension in muscles, ligaments and nerve endings.
  • Overlay tires. This procedure is performed only by a specialist physician in order to fix the joint and reduce the possibility of its movement.
  • Your doctor may also prescribe a course of antibiotic treatment if tests indicate that inflammation and pain in the joint are caused by an infection.

In the case of severe disease or relapse, there is a chancethat the doctor will notify you of the need for puncture (suction of periarticular fluid) or even surgery to remove the diseased bursa.

Self-treatment of bursitis

It should be noted that starting self-treatment of bursitis is not recommended. Before you apply any treatment methods, you should consult with your doctor. Thus, you reduce the risk of complications.

So what can you do on your own?

  • Compress. Alternate cold and hot.
  • Apply an elastic bandage.
  • Apply painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

And, of course, do not burden the sore joint.

Folk treatment of bursitis

In the people, the most common treatment for bursitis, oddly enough, are cabbage leaves and burdock. How to apply them? For a start, you need to pour the leaves with boiling water or beat a little, so that they let the juice. Then they simply wrap leaves in a sore spot. And the leaves need to be changed quite often - at least once every 4-5 hours.

Another well-known treatment for this disease is Kalanchoe.The principle of making a compress from the leaves of this plant is the same as in the case of cabbage leaves. Only this compress needs to be changed even more often - once an hour.

Balsam for the treatment of bursitis, which consists of the following ingredients, is also very popular:

  • Two glasses of alcohol or vodka.
  • Two glasses of horse chestnut fruit.
  • Bottle of pharmaceutical bile.
  • Three to four leaves of aloe (chop).

This balm insist 10 days in the refrigerator. When he insists, it should be applied to a piece of fabric made of natural material and primatyvat to the sore spot. On top of this you need to wind something warm — for example, a towel. The course of treatment is 10 days. Then a break - 10 days. After the break, the course can be repeated.

Whatever treatment method you choose, consult your doctor! Be healthy!

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