How to treat the nose folk remedies

Rinsenosewater, which added sea salt. Half a teaspoon of tincture of calendula, propolis or eucalyptus, added to a glass of salt water, improve the therapeutic effect. With effective flushing, one nostril drawn in from the palm of your hand should flow out through your mouth or other nostril.
Keep your feet in hot mustard grass. Dry mustard innosekah also improve your breathing and overall well-being.
Lubricate the nostrils with garlic oil. To make it, the head of grated garlic must be added to a half cup of warm sunflower oil. After a day, the resulting infusion need to lubricate the nostrils. The procedure is repeated several times a day.
Grate the fresh beets, wrap them in a bandage and insert them alternately in each nostril for an hour. Also effective drops of honey with the addition of beetroot juice. One third of a teaspoon of liquid honey is mixed with a dessert spoon of boiled water and a tablespoon of beet juice. The resulting solution in the form of heat instilled innoseevery two hours for 7 drops.
Inhale each nostril in turns of smoke from smoldering cotton wool or a piece of dry bread. The effect of the treatment will appear on the same day.
Dig innose3 times a day St. John's wort oil and Kalanchoe juice. Triturationnoseand tincture of motherwort facilitates breathing, and menthol oil promotes rapid recovery.
Warm upnosewarm chicken eggs wrapped innosenew shawl. Also suitable hot millet porridge or a bag of salt. You need to put it on the maxillary sinuses and do not remove until the contents of the bag has cooled.
Drip innosea mixture of sunflower and camphor oil with the addition of 10% propolis infusion. All components are mixed in equal proportions and shaken up in a bubble made of dark glass.

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