How to use dummy thermometer

The pacifier can truly be considered a genius invention, mothers who come to the rescue in a variety of situations. Many begin to teach the baby to the pacifier from birth, helping him to calm down or fall asleep faster. In addition, it is indispensable at a time when children are teething, and they pull into the mouth all the objects under their arm. The same can be said about the thermometer-dummy.
This device is able to quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the child, however, only if he is used to using it. The device consists of the pacifier itself and the temperature-sensitive sensor built into it, i.e. This is a digital thermometer embedded in the nipple, which can be silicone or latex. The device displays the received data on the display and sends a musical signal after completion of measurements, as well as a digital electronic thermometer.
Despite the fact that this device can still be considered an innovation in the field of digital technologies, many young parents managed to appreciate its convenience and practicality.Many well-known brands offering a variety of products for newborns, have expanded their range with a thermometer.
To measure the temperature of the child using this device, you need to give it to the baby for three to five minutes. The measurement result, accompanied by an audible alert, will appear on the display located on the nipper. The accuracy of the reading thermometer is 0.1 degrees.
Like all digital thermometers, this device is quite capricious. The accuracy of the results depends on some factors. For example, it is undesirable to use a pacifier-thermometer if the baby has a spout and he is forced to breathe through his mouth. In this case, the indicators are often incorrect, often underestimated. At the time of measurement, the child should be in a calm state, crying or playing with the nipple will also affect the reliability of the result.
A significant disadvantage of such thermometers can be called the fact that in some models the dummy and the thermal sensor have the appearance of an indivisible structure that cannot be disassembled in order to sterilize the nipple.In this case, it is well washed with warm water and soap, and then rinsed. It is advisable to purchase collapsible thermometers-nipples, which are quite simple to disassemble in case you need to boil or sterilize it.
The device works on batteries when they sit down, the thermometer becomes unusable, although they are usually enough for two to three years.

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