How to use melamine sponge

Recently, on the shelves with household chemicals appearedirreplaceable assistanteach housewife - white melamine sponge. After testing, this thing immediately became the darling of many women, and the people began to be called the nano-sponge.

You must have already looked at this little thing, so we hurry to tell you what the beast is, what it is for, andhow to usea novelty.

Instructions for nanogubka

1. The material from which the sponge is made is a gradually erasing eraser. After application, it leaves behind small “shavings” that can be easily removed with a dry cloth.

Using microscopic pores, a sponge breaks up dirt, and large pores of a sponge absorb dirt into themselves.

2. Before working with large soils, test the nano-sponge on an inconspicuous surface area. With it, you can remove stains on the facades of buildings, plaque on the metal, paint, remnants of wallpaper glue, rubber prints on linoleum and laminate, traces of the marker and even resin.

3The sponge will easily clean the soot and outdated grease from kitchen utensils.

4. Before using, first wet the sponge with cold water, without using household chemicals, then wring out and start to work.

5. Remove stains on the wallpaper, be extremely careful, as you risk damaging the picture. It is also not recommended to use a sponge on varnished surfaces.

6. Despite its multifunctionality, the nano-sponge breaks easily when cleaning sharp edges and porous surfaces.

Agree, this thing is simply indispensable for every hostess.

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