How to waterproof the floor?

Waterproofing the floor - the necessary work to help create a protective layer that prevents the penetration of moisture. Thanks to this, concrete floors are reliably protected from destruction, and wooden ones from rotting. The main thing is to choose the right materials for waterproofing and how to carry it out.

Materials and methods of waterproofing

The modern market of building materials offers a large selection of materials for effective waterproofing of the floor. These can be:

  • cast materials - polymeric solutions and mastics used to create a protective layer;
  • Impregnating materials penetrating deep into the porous structure of the floor, which create a protective layer
  • coating solutions based on cement, with the addition of aggregates and synthetic resins;
  • cement-based plaster, with the addition of special viscous, polymeric compositions;
  • Painting waterproofing - applying several layers of a special waterproof varnish on the work surface
  • waterproofing coating, which involves the use of materials based on bitumen, which are applied to the floor surface under the influence of high temperatures.

The appropriateness of using a particular material and type of waterproofing will depend on many factors - the material from which the floor is made, the height of the foundation, the number of floors, the presence or absence of contact with groundwater, etc.

Selection of waterproofing materials for the floor

The Russian company Universum offers a wide range of waterproofing materials to help create a reliable coating layer that prevents the damaging effects of moisture. In its assortment you can find the following waterproofing materials:

  • impregnation;
  • coating materials
  • penetrating materials;
  • polyurea-based coatings applied by spraying.

High quality products, confirmed by certificates of conformity, allows you to use these materials on any object of civil or industrial use, during construction, overhaul or repair.As for the latter, for its effectiveness it is recommended to use modern injection waterproofing. It forms a waterproof porous structure that helps fill all cracks and crevices of the working surface, thereby protecting the floor from the negative and destructive effects of moisture.

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