Hypertension — disease or lifestyle? What is hypertension?

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AND • ● ♥ ๑ • ● ♥ ๑ AND ღ ஐ ღ • ● ♥ ღ ஐ ღ
Answered 29 November 2015 22:03
Be sure to know your normal pressure. It is very important. Rather, it is a disease. After all, drugs are taken. But all the same it is necessary and in something to limit yourself.
Karina Ivanova
Karina Ivanova
Answered 29 November 2015 22:20
I believe that first of all it is a way of life, if you don’t eat salt, fried, fat, drink coffee in liters and everything that raises the pressure. and still lead a healthy lifestyle, then you can not take a handful of pills.
Answered 29 November 2015 22:28
I know many people who live with this disease, and the quality of life does not suffer much from them. the truth needs constant supportive drug therapy.

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