"I love you": the dumb girl spoke thanks to a donkey

Both of them had a lot of tests. The fact that the child and the animal managed to help each other is incredible.

Shoki is a donkey that volunteers found on a field in Ireland. The unfortunate animal was dying: a donkey was lying on the ground with a rope around its neck, its skin was covered with sores and abrasions. And the owner “healed” the donkey, pouring bleach on his wounds ... Shocks were taken to an animal shelter - the “Donkey Sanctuary” in Birmingham. There he received a new life, saved from ill-treatment. He recovered very slowly. He had no interest in food or walking. Volunteers even doubted that the Shocks would survive. And then Amber appeared.

Photo: @Ambersdonkey

The history of Amber is even more dramatic. She and her twin sister were born prematurely. When she first came into the world, it became clear that the girl could not breathe. Amber made a tracheotomy to save her life - they stuck a tube in her throat to ensure the flow of air.But the operation was not entirely successful: hooked ligaments. The girl remained mute. In addition, Amber had cerebral palsy.

“She struggled to sit down. But she did not succeed. She, too, could not crawl for a very long time, ”Amber's father, Julian Ostwick, told portal. - One of our friends advised us to try pet-therapy (treatment through communication with animals. - Approx. WDay). We decided to try. ”

Photo: @Ambersdonkey

So in 2013, two-year-old Amber met Shocky. For the donkey, this was also the first therapeutic experience. Surprisingly, it immediately became clear: the child and the donkey became friends.

“We immediately saw that a connection was established between them, they were so gentle with each other. Shock bowed his head to Amber and let her hug him by the neck. We were scared, because the donkey was so big compared to our daughter. But their friendship looked simply amazing, ”said the parents.

Shoki encouraged Amber to move, and she grew stronger. She even learned to ride a donkey, and more recently he was barely alive!

When the girl was three years old, her parents decided on another operation - it was assumed that after her Amber would finally be able to speak. Everything went well, but the girl was silent. And then one day after another visit to Shoki, a miracle happened.The family was about to go home when Amber turned around, ran back to the donkey, and said: "I love you, Shocks."

“We were amazed. It was such a relief - to understand what she could say anyway, ”the girl’s father remembers.

Now Amber is six years old. She has become noticeably healthier and will soon go to school. But, despite the fact that she has a lot of new things, Amber does not forget her best friend.

“She comes to his arena, cares for him, hugs him, leads him around the hippodrome, and she likes it. They both appreciate the time they spend together. They appreciate their hugs, - the parents of the girl are sure. “We think they healed each other.”

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