Perfect evening dress for the New Year (22 photos)

Every girl wants to look like New Year's Eve especially, because the holiday itself is incredibly magical, and even a little fabulous. On this day, people enter a new period of their life, a new segment replaces another, everything that is bad and sad remains in the old year, and the new one promises the fulfillment of desires and gives hope for a bright future.

Dress for the holiday

In order for this to happen, there is a tradition of “coaxing” the new year, depending on the next economic sign in the coming 365 days. By “coaxing” we mean the observance of all the rules and “preferences” of the leading sign, even the clothes are selected in accordance with the nature of the new patron.

Of course, first of all, we are repelled by the conditions in which we plan to celebrate the New Year - at home with relatives, together with our beloved, noisy group of friends under the tree in the town square or maybe at some ski resort.

In this dress you will not go unnoticed

Depending on this, the pre-Christmas fuss begins, the choice of gifts, the organization of the menu and, of course, the selection of the outfit that will best suit this evening.

Someone stops at the evening dresses to celebrate the New Year, someone prefers cocktail options, well, someone like good old jeans and sweaters. Well, in fact, what is the best thing to choose for the celebration of the New Year, so as not to look like a “white” crow, please the new sign and feel comfortable?

It all depends on the focus of the evening, and if you suddenly find that you are planning a rather serious celebration with a strict evening dress code, then this issue must be taken seriously.

Still, it’s not every day that you cut in long evening dresses in high heels. Flowing fabrics, beautiful jewelry, perfect shoes - these are the main criteria for such a dress.

Remember that if you decide to celebrate a holiday in a long evening dress, then everything should be perfect and appropriate - from the tip of your hair, perfect makeup and to the heels on your shoes.

Evening dress is a binding dress, and if you are also accompanied by a man for the evening, then it is important that he also looks solemn and harmonious to your image.

How to choose a dress for the New Year?

Again, let's look at the location of your party.If something is planned on the similarity of a cocktail party with friends, which can take place in clubs, cafes, art cafes, student clubs and hostels, then in this case it is best to opt for cocktail dresses, for good reason they are called.

Great option

Usually they have a length - up to the knee or slightly above it, arms open, there may be straps or just corset style. Options with sleeves are also suitable, this year the laced dresses with lace are very popular, which adorns the sleeves or the back, and maybe the whole dress.

If you know that you have to dance all night, and in general have an active time, it is better to choose a dress with open hands, and take a jacket or a light jacket with you that you can throw in a cold snap.

Parties that require a strict dress code, often in luxurious restaurants or private meetings, require a long and exhausting search for a long evening outfit. These dresses usually cost a lot, but aren't such wonderful outfits worth it? Feel yourself a princess or a queen, a femme fatale or a delicate young lady of Pushkin times, all this is now possible, the main thing is to choose the right accessories.

Remember that New Year's Eve is the only night of the year, when shimmering fabrics, sequins, thousands of iridescent shells and crystals, with a wealth of sewing decor at your disposal are permissible with impunity, the main thing is not to overdo it.

If you are sure that this option will not work, then you can pay attention to the stunning long dresses made of satin or chiffon, silk and similar fabrics, which are flowing down your silhouette with light flowing waves.

Both strapless options and the presence are appropriate, you can pick up an evening dress complete with long evening gloves. If you still haven't decided on which dress to choose for a holiday, then look at the collections of fashion designers, they always have at least a few evening styles that you can use in your image.

What do the stars say?

The coming 2014 is the year of the blue wooden horse, and therefore this year’s outfits should be made in this color. Dresses should be made only from natural fabrics, the hostess of the New Year will not tolerate any synthetics, even the most fashionable.

You will be in the image of a nymph

The most relevant will be blue, blue,Turquoise and navy blue dresses, natural and pastel shades would also be appropriate, brown and gray are also quite suitable for this New Year, as they are present in the coloring of the animal.

The mistress of the New Year will not allow excessive openness, vulgarity and promiscuity, the whole image should be quite restrained, elegant and very neat. Another option for an evening dress this year is leather goods - it can be a dress or, for example, skinny pants, it depends on your courage and extravagance.

New Year and carnival

New Year is also such a holiday, which very well combines carnival parties, which have recently become very common during corporate parties, friendly gatherings and even family holidays.

You should sparkle this night

In search of something unusual, ladies turn into carnival costume shops, sew them to order or make their own. What to choose for the New Year - a long dress or a carnival outfit? It all depends, again, on the dress code, and if it is not too strict, then you can choose a carnival outfit that will come off as the most chic evening dress!

For example, on New Year's Eve, the image of the Snow Queen, which is usually represented by a long silver dress, a crown and a light shawl, is very appropriate. Cute and very characteristic costumes of Snow Maidens, which come as a standard cut - in a fur coat and mitts, and a seductive look - a short blue or red dress, trimmed with fur with a very frank neckline will do.

Elegant and tasteful

Such dresses are sometimes added with caps or light caps. Girls who love something more extravagant and hot can pereoblachitsya a devil girl or a vampire, although, of course, such carnival costumes in the New Year's Eve - an amateur.

And if you want to feel yourself a princess, then it's better than a moment than the New Year's Eve - you can not imagine. Magnificent corset dress, tiara, sparkling necklaces and beautiful gloves - every girl dreams of such a thing, so realize your dream, especially since now the wardrobe and costume salons offer a rather wide range of the most diverse dresses.

The only point is to contact such establishments as early as possible, while there is still a choice, so that you do not choose from what remains.

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