Incredible and interesting city of Stuttgart

Stuttgart is one of the most interesting for the traveler cities in Germany. It is a real industrial and transport center of the country, where many innovations begin their lives. In addition, the level of welfare of the city and its inhabitants is one of the highest. Here you can admire the beautiful nature, original architecture and even bold experimental buildings.

The capital of Baden-Württemberg was founded in the distant 950 on the site of a Roman fortress. For a long time, the town was the center of trade, and in the 18-19 centuries, thanks to the industrial revolution, Stuttgart quickly became the leader of the country, because the future mega-concerns Daimler and Porshe opened their production in it.

There is something to see!

In the city, where more than 600 thousand people live, there is an interesting place for everyone, because it harmoniously combines cultural and historical monuments with modern places for recreation and entertainment.

Half of its area is occupied by incredible landscapes of meadows and vineyards,lovers of the classics can always visit the opera or ballet, as well as learn various interesting facts about the country and the city in museums or exhibition halls. What is unusual can be seen in Stuttgart?

Historical places

They usually start exploring the city. First go to inspect the Old Castle, which was built in the 5th century. Previously, it was the residence of the rulers, and today it houses a museum, which is worth a look at the huge bronze bell, the tomb of Celtic Prince Hochdorf, as well as various museum exhibits that will acquaint you in more detail with the history of the city.

Also worth seeing is the old market and the railway station, which is crowned by a 12-storey tower. Another interesting place is the state library, which contains more than 3.5 million copies of books.


There are a lot of them in the city, so one day is hardly enough to get around all of them, but it's worth it.

  • Chief among them is the State Gallery, in which you can enjoy the works of such famous artists as Rubens, Monet, Rembrandt. Next to the old building, not so long ago, a new one opened, about which disputes are still being sharpened in Germany - this is the New State Gallery, where Picasso, Matisse and Chagall canvases are located.
  • In the Museum of the History of Baden-Württemberg, you can not just see the historical exhibits, but thanks to modern multimedia technologies become part of many information fields.
  • Among the more modern places is the Stuttgart playing cards museum, which contains cards from all countries and continents. The oldest of them is already 700 years old.
  • Pig Museum will appeal to tourists who want to relax and see something fun-unobtrusive. The Germans consider this animal a symbol of friendship and well-being, so they devoted a huge exhibition to it, numbering more than 40 thousand exhibits of various sizes and made from a variety of materials. The museum began to hold so many pigs that even became a champion of the Guinness Book.
  • And, of course, how to get past the most famous automobile museum in Germany - Mersedes-Benz. The complex cost the company 150 million euros and is a form of three-leaf clover, which you can see in the photo. 160 exhibits will tell you a detailed history of the auto giant, ranging from ordinary carriages, ending with modern racing cars.

Botanical and Zoological Garden

If you want a break from the noise of the city, go on holiday to the Wilhelm Botanical Garden or to the zoo.These are the largest green areas in the country, where more than 10 thousand animals and about 5 thousand different exotic plants live.


Weißenhof is one of Stuttgart’s quarters, where it’s worth a look to admire modern architecture. The peculiarity of the local buildings consists of white walls and low roofs. At the beginning of the 20th century, masters from various European countries worked on building up this area, and therefore the result was quite bold and unusual.

Mineral springs

There are also such tourists who will always find time for their own recovery. It can be done in Stuttgart by visiting mineral springs. Balneological baths, swimming pools and saunas are equipped in special complexes.


Holidays with children will never be boring if you go to the park Canstatter Wasser, which is a local landmark. For offspring there are all kinds of attractions, and for adults - shops, restaurants, pubs and souvenir shops.

Those who like a more peaceful atmosphere need to go to the park Schlossgarten, there are a large number of footpaths, perfect for leisurely walks.

Stuttgart is a very diverse city, to know which will not work in one day, but familiarity with it will surely be remembered for you by bright and pleasant emotions for the rest of your life.

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