Instant Soldering Iron

As a teenager, I had a soldering iron with instantaneous heating of Soviet production. In appearance, he looked like a gun. The soldering tip was made of thick copper wire. Its design was simple: a transformer with two windings — 220 V mains and a winding of 2 turns of a very thick wire. Already a sting from a wire was connected to a low-voltage winding, which was heated by a strong current. This soldering iron had a number of very advantageous advantages:
  • - Instant heating. 1 second and ready to go.
  • - Saving energy, since it is off most of the time.
  • - The sting can be bent to any shape. Say, to make it rectangular and in a few seconds to evaporate chips without overheating.
Of course there are drawbacks: the soldering iron is too heavy for long soldering. A poorly assembled transformer is buzzing, which is sometimes annoying. The advantages of the soldering iron are certainly more important. I decided to buy again such a soldering iron, but in the production of such no more.Therefore, I will make it myself. The main thing is to find a 220 V transformer with any secondary winding. I tore out such an old music center. Recommended power from 30 W, this hike is 40 W.
Soldering iron with instant heating

Making a soldering iron with instant heating

We disassemble the transformer and remove the iron casing.
Soldering iron with instant heating
Soldering iron with instant heating
Then we disassemble the core. Sh-shaped plates are staggered, and, in principle, easily knocked out.
Soldering iron with instant heating
Soldering iron with instant heating This transformer is good because both windings are wound independently of each other. We don’t touch the primary 220 V and put it aside. We wind up the secondary winding in order to release the frame for winding, as it is useful for the new winding.

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