Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

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According to statistics, in the nineties in Moscow the number of mixed (inter-ethnic) marriages was twenty-two percent of the total number of unions entered into. And now, fifteen years ago, this number "exceeded" half and was 58%. The upward trend of the indicator continues. This means that women entering into inter-ethnic marriages in Russia see the prospects for such unions. Otherwise, the "percentage" would only decrease from year to year.

Now in Moscow every year officially register about one and a half thousand inter-ethnic marriages.

According to opinion polls of Russian citizens, opinion was divided. 36% of respondents do not believe in such marriages. Almost as many people have a positive attitude to the issue of different citizenships in the family - 35%. International marriages are considered the same as the rest of the unions, 14% of all survey participants. And the rest do not know what to say about this, so they abstained from voting.

Psychologists believe (and common sense suggests) that the role is not played by nationality.Purely human qualities are important: patience, ability to forgive offenses, warmth of feelings, confidence. The basis of strong family ties is the commonality and similarity of interests of both parties. It is desirable that the general were:

  • Hobbies, hobbies.
  • Culture, traditions, religion.
  • Language, nationality, mentality.
  • Habits
  • Character, period of activity, biorhythms (morning “lark” or evening “owl”).

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

The problems of inter-ethnic marriages were known as early as the beginning of the 17th century. In 1600, the British Protestants who lived in America in the colony of Britain imposed a ban on such alliances. An interesting fact: this veto ceased to exist as much as 367 years.

Problems and prospects of inter-ethnic marriages

Let's start by listing the unpleasant moments of interracial marriages. Minuses:

  • Discontent of friends, friends, acquaintances. The anger of parents and those who consider it necessary to tell you how to behave, whom to marry.
  • If you go abroad with your husband, but then you have to quarrel, you will have to solve the problems arising in connection with the departure.
  • When a husband adheres to strict religious beliefs, the “love fool” has to accept his faith and obey the rules of others.
  • Your children may have confusion with two languages.

Almost every woman who intends to marry a foreigner is met with resistance, not the support of her family.

  • The parents' language barrier also leads to conflicts, often incompatible with further normal family life.
  • Approaches to the methods of education of the younger generation are not similar in different countries.
  • Culinary traditions, oddly enough, become a “stumbling block” between the symbiosis of two nations, called inter-ethnic marriage.
  • And again about the offspring: when such a sad situation arises, like a divorce, already born children of international marriages are “divided” between parents. And what if one of the spouses goes back to his country? Wishes of children in such situations do not take into account.
  • Almost superstitious fear of “mixing blood”, before letting a “stranger” into their family and initiating it into the secrets or traditions of their own family. Older relatives regard this as a “invasion” into their territory. Perhaps this is due to the echoes of the war through which they went, despite the fact that they were then small.

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

  • If you leave your native city, from the country, you have to say goodbye to all your friends and acquaintances that are dear to you.
  • If the marriage is through an agency or a specialized dating site, there is a situation where you yourself are obligated to pay the costs of the flight, relocation and related issues.

The advantages of entering into marriage unions between representatives of different countries:

  • Inter-ethnic marriages are a very informative and useful event for your life. After all, it is fascinating to get to know a person who is different in language, traditions, thinking.
  • Inter-ethnic marriages concluded with the Russians, according to statistics suggest travel abroad for further joint life. And there, in other, more developed and civilized countries of the world, life is better than in Russia.
  • Such a marriage diversifies and changes your life, because a new life is always an adventure.
  • Bilingualism on the one hand turns into a minus, but on the other hand, it develops cognitive abilities, if your children manage to become bilinguals (that is, to speak two languages ​​at once - Mom and Dad).


  • Another positive point is the fact that children from mixed marriages are mostly strong, healthy and beautiful.
  • With the tolerance of both spouses to each other, different religions are not an obstacle to a happy life together.
  • Food preferences are present both in the “pros” and “minuses” of the problem under consideration. Why? The fact is that a poor or bored native diet rescues new dishes from the cuisine of another nation. A talented host or hostess (men are even more famous as cooks) will make a delicious assorted lunch, including one and the other side’s favorite dish.

Inter-ethnic marriages enrich the traditional cuisine of different nations, adding new ingredients there.

  • Marriage, connecting two nationalities, two cultures, broadens the mind, increases the consciousness and awareness of people. It fosters tolerance, tolerance for others in essence the same, but different in skin color or eye shape, to people.
  • And yet, love conquers all! That it is able to connect the hearts of people of different origin. In the end, even when meeting similar individuals - men and women - after a couple of years, it turns out that they are still different. Why then do not get the opposite situation: two initially dissimilar people (neither skin color, nor habits,not views) become “one whole” at marriage? They can overcome the obstacles posed by the stupid prejudices of rumor on their way.

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

International marriage children, pregnancy and genes

Are children born in considered marriages healthy and strong? Yes, in the case when good, quality genes from both sides are transferred to the fetus. But there are some nuances. The fact is that the first offspring of different nationalities parents will make strong and strong, but with the assimilation and further mixing of multi-national genes, this effect will fade. Only the first mixing of genes distant from each other gives positive results.

With a very strong remoteness of the racial characteristics of the parents, there is a danger of the birth of a child with a congenital immunity unsuitable for the local climate. This applies to a cardinal change of time zones (living far from the place of birth of one of the parents). In addition to this negative phenomenon, there is the likelihood of rejection during pregnancy, intrauterine conflict between the fetus and the mother.

Judging by the estimates and research of scientists, marriage is favorable (for the birth of a healthy, strong child) between one or different ethnic groups (ethnic groups). And with another race, the likelihood of a successful outcome is reduced.

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

Married for a European: common misconceptions and attitudes towards interethnic marriages

One of the most common misconceptions remains: our girls, going after a new husband to one of the countries of Europe, can live either very badly, as a slave, or very well, like the queens. These are two extremes, which are unlikely to fully reflect all the options for the development of events after the conclusion of an inter-ethnic marriage. The fact that life "over the hill" is generally richer than here does not mean that "rich, zazhravshiesya bourgeois" will use your slave labor or, conversely, "bathe in luxury" without waiting for a response.

The following error (unflattering for foreigners) sounds like this: only losers are looking for wives outside their own country. This is not true, because in any country in the world you can find people close to the spirit, interesting people.

There is a different rumor among the people: that wealthy foreigners need only young beauties.It is also unlikely: a lover, maybe these girls are needed, but this is typical for the whole world, but as a future spouse, the selection goes scrupulously. After the divorce, no one wants to leave half the state of a windy beauty who has turned her head and subsequently deceived a trustful man.

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

Attitudes towards inter-ethnic marriages abroad are not negative in a European country, as Russians think. In case of an unpleasant divorce, you will be able to stay in the country if you already know the language at a sufficiently high level. In most cases, no one will be expelled and deported. And so that a divorce does not happen, you need to immediately look for a common language. And what is meant is not the linguistic phenomenon itself, but human understanding, sincerity and comfort of communication. This is doable, although another myth is the misunderstanding between different nationalities or ethnic groups.

The last misconception considered here is the unconditional universal wealth of all Europeans. This is not entirely a lie, but there are not so many truthful in this statement. Only the general standard of living is higher there, and the ease of “mining” money is the dreams of girls who do not know foreign countries.Earn worldwide need. Yes, someone has the prerequisites for this, someone does not, but they just don’t pay money anywhere.

Inter-Ethnic Marriages: Pros and Cons

Features of connecting your life with foreigners

Do not take literally all of these features, these are generalized signs of behavior that are not inherent in 100% of the inhabitants of a particular country.

  • The Germans as spouses (spouse) are not extravagant, they love children, clearly calculated expenses, although they are sentimental. Residents of Germany who have married someone (husbands) from abroad will impress the second half with their conservatism. Children decided to stop “stroking the head” immediately after they reach the age of eighteen.

You can only apply for citizen status in Germany when you live there for at least three years.

  • The Japanese love to look at a blooming cherry or sakura, but in life they do not let out their real feelings, but hide. Neat when filling out papers. At employment by calligraphy (artful, thoughtful, meditative image of hieroglyphs ink) are upset, if will put blot.
  • Africans (with dark, black skin) are always having fun, dancing, attracting the attention of the opposite sex.Suitable for these parameters are funny Russian girls and guys.

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