Is it possible to refinance a cooperative loan?

������A consumer credit cooperative is an association of individuals with the purpose of borrowing money from each other at interest. Cooperatives are governed by internal charters and the Federal Law �On Credit Cooperatives�.
In modern Russia, this type of lending is considered relatively new. And he came to our country in the nineties, along with perestroika. Cooperative loans existed in Soviet times, but then they were called "black cash".
So, a united group of people forms an organization with authorized capital, which is formed from the initial contributions of the members of this cooperative. And also, all members of the organization collect money for the insurance premium, in case there are any unforeseen circumstances. Cooperative organizations have much higher percentages than in banking institutions.
An example of cooperative consumer credit: if every resident of your city kicks off for 2 rubles, then you will have enough money to buy an apartment. And then you would pay for 2.10 rubles, so that all people who are in a cooperative could fulfill their dreams. This type of loans is called cooperative.
Is it safe to borrow money from cooperatives?
The first. The money invested and the insurance premium guarantee a refund.
The second. All cooperatives are part of the SRO. SROs are self-regulatory organizations. SRO trains people in a cooperative and insures their money.
Third. The money invested in cooperatives does not participate in risky operations. Therefore, money can not be invested in securities and can not work on exchanges. The law of cooperatives takes into account the fact that money cannot leave the circle of owners. Therefore, all loans are made only within the cooperative.

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