Kacher Brovin DIY

Among the radio amateurs, a very interesting device called the "Brovin Kacher" is very popular. With it, you can observe spectacular corona discharges, lightning, plasma arcs. Many people on the Internet are called Tesla coaster cacher, but these are two completely different devices with a different principle of operation. In this article, it will be specifically about Brovin's cog, perhaps the simplest high-voltage device you can think of.

Scheme of Kacher Brovin

Kacher Brovina do it yourself
The circuit is extremely simple, it contains only one transistor, a pair of resistors and a pair of capacitors. Capacitors serve to filter the supply voltage, one of which must be electrolytic with a large capacity (470-2200 microfarad), and the second ceramic or film with a small capacitance (0.1-1 microfarad), to smooth out high-frequency interference. Two resistors form a voltage divider, one of them must have a small resistance (150-200 Ohms), and the second - about 10-20 times more.In this case, you can put a trimming resistor in series with a high-resistance resistor in order to adjust the caster to the maximum length of the discharges. On the printed circuit board attached to the article, an installation space is provided for it. The transistor in the circuit can be used for almost any powerful structure of n-p-n. Transistors KT805, KT808, KT809 have proven themselves well. You can also experiment with the field and put, for example, IRF630, IRF740. From the choice of the transistor depends largely on the length of the discharge. The transistor must be installed on the radiator, because it emits a large amount of heat. L1 on the circuit is the primary coil, and L2 is secondary, with it the high-voltage discharge is removed.

Device board

The board is executed by the LUT method, the file for printing is attached. Terminal boards are provided for connecting power wires and coil terminals.
Kacher Brovin do it yourself
Brooch Pulling Your Own Hands
Download the board:

Making a secondary (high-voltage) coil

First of all, you need to make a secondary coil.With it, everything is simple and concrete - the more turns, the greater the voltage, respectively, the longer the discharges. You can use copper enameled wire section of 0.1 - 0.3 mm. As a skeleton for the secondary winding, it is very convenient to use a sewer pipe, the optimum diameter is 5-7 cm. Winding the wire needs a turn to a turn, as carefully as possible. It is advisable to use a solid piece of wire to avoid joints. But if the wire is torn in the process - that's okay, you can solder the piece that has come off, insulate it carefully and continue to wind the coils, it will work anyway.
Do-it-yourself Kacher Brovina
To speed up the winding process, you can install the pipe on two supports to the left and right so that it rotates freely on them. At the same time winding the wire will be much easier. If in the process of work there is a need to leave, the tip of the wire can be fixed with adhesive tape, then you can come back, take off the adhesive tape and continue to wind. In no case do not need to release the tip of the wire, otherwise the tension will disappear, the turns will diverge and you will have to start all over again.
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After the coil is wound, the turns of the wire must be fixed on the pipe. It is best to use a clear varnish, then the coil will look very beautiful. I smeared the coils with ordinary wax, with its task, he managed, now accidentally damage the thin wire will be much more difficult.
Do-it-yourself Kacher Brovina
Solder the usual wire to the lower end of the wire and fix it carefully at the edge of the pipe.
Kacher Brovin do it yourself
At the upper edge of the pipe there is a so-called “terminal” - the place from which the corona discharge will come. It is advisable to make it sharp, then the discharge will be concentrated on the tip of the needle. He fixed a bolt at the edge of the pipe, and screwed the tip of the dart onto the bolt, as seen in the photo. The secondary coil is ready.
Kacher Brovina do it yourself

Making a primary coil

The primary coil contains 2-5 turns of thick copper wire with a cross section of 1.5 - 2.5 mm. It should be located around the secondary coil, its diameter should be more by 2-3 cm.For the skeleton of the primary coil, you can use, again, a sewer plastic pipe; you only need to take a section of a pipe with a diameter and a length greater than that for the secondary one. At a distance of 10 cm from the top of the pipe, two holes are drilled through which copper wire is passed. The length of the discharge strongly depends on the number of turns, therefore their number is chosen experimentally.
Kacher Brovina do it yourself
The wire from the coils themselves must be brought to the bottom of the coil by passing them inside the pipe. Be sure to fix with glue. The primary coil is ready.
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Assembling the Brovin's Cradle

After the coils are wound up, you can collect everything together. Two round pieces with holes in the center are cut from penoplex. The secondary coil should fit tightly in the center hole, and the outer diameter of the blanks should correspond to the diameter of the primary coil.
Kacher Brovina do it yourself
Place the round billets inside the big pipe, and then push the secondary coil into them. If necessary, fix them with glue.The wire from the secondary coil must be brought to the bottom of the large pipe. Kacher Brovin do it yourself
Kacher Brovin do it yourself
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Kacher Brovina do it yourself At the bottom of a large pipe two holes are drilled, one for the power connector, the other for the toggle switch. "Kacher Brovina do it yourself Now it remains only to connect the board to the power supply, putting a toggle switch into the positive wire, and connect the leads of the coils. "Do-it-yourself Kacher Brovin When all the wires are connected, you can check the operation of the device. Carefully apply voltage to the board. If a small discharger appeared on the terminal, it means that the caster works. If the caster fails to work even with an increase in the supply voltage, the terminals of the primary coil should be swapped. Now you can experiment with the number of turns in the primary katsek, move the coils relative to each other, finding a positionat which the discharge will be maximum. The range of the power supply voltage of the kacher is very wide - a small discharge appears already at 12 volts. When the voltage rises, it increases, and with it the heat release on the transistor also increases. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the temperature of the radiator, because the overheated transistor will not work for a long time. At last it remains only to install a board with a radiator inside a large pipe, in the lower part of it, put a toggle switch with a connector into already drilled holes.
Kacher Brovin do it yourself
Kacher Brovin do it yourself
Kacher Brovina do it yourself
It looks like a very pretty kacher even when turned off. You can touch the corona discharge with your finger, it is quite safe, because the current from such a discharge flows over the skin surface without penetrating it. This effect is called a skin effect, it arises due to the high frequency of the kacher. With long work, a large amount of ozone is released, therefore, kacher should be turned on only in ventilated areas.Also, do not forget about the strong electromagnetic radiation that is created around the device. It is capable of incapacitating other electronic devices, so do not leave phones, cameras, tablets nearby. The created electromagnetic field is so strong that gas-discharge (or, more simply, energy-saving) light bulbs light up on their own near the coil.

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