Kevin is not the same: Kalkin was again “Home Alone”

23 years later, the actor returned to the image of a bright boy.

American actor Macaulay Culkin, best known for the films "Home Alone" and "Home Alone - 2: Lost in New York," returned 23 years later to the image of Kevin McAllister.

Yes, yes, the same boy from a large well-to-do family who went to rest for Christmas, and Kevin stayed at home ...

Photo: frame from video

In the new web-series “Drivers”, Kalkin plays the adult Kevin McAllister, working as a taxi driver. Only now he does not know how to drive a car, and the passenger has to get behind the wheel, the main character of the series named Jack ... During the trip, Kevin tells his new friend the story of his life, remembering how his parents constantly forgot during Christmas and he had to fight alone two recidivist thieves, risking their lives.

And so bad luck! In the series, they reappear, but after 20 years, Kevin deftly understands them.

But one thing: the big question is whether this role will return the actor to former glory? After becoming a real star in childhood, he disappeared from the screens of adults. Moreover, for a long time he wandered out of work, and journalists wrote about his protracted depressions and numerous problems.

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