Knitted separate swimsuit Edem

Separate swimsuit Edem- knit crochet beautiful split swimsuit to go to the beach.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (96% microfiber acrylic, 4% metallic, 280 m / 50 g) - 50 g of steel color;
  2. yarn (92% microfiber, 8% stretch, 400 m / 100 g) - 100 g turquoise;
  3. hook number 1.5;
  4. hat gum - 80 cm;
  5. cups for a swimsuit (size 70);
  6. 1 rhinestone in the form of a flower
  7. bodice.


airflow - air loop; art. b / n - a column without a crochet; c / n - double crochet.



Pattern Description

Knitting description


We start knitting according to the scheme 1 with a thread of turquoise color, alternating colors - steel and turquoise. We knit according to the 15 cm scheme. The second half of the bodice is performed according to the same description. Then we sew a knitted bodice to the cups of a swimsuit (with a secret seam with a needle, wrapping 4 mm on the wrong side). Next, insert the hook into the top of the cups and knit the straps from 4 tbsp. s / nThen we connect both halves and sew a rhinestone in the center. Side ties for bodice knit art. b / n, typing 12 loops. After 8 rows, we do not connect one loop at a time. Perform the reduction, until there are 5 loops (length of the string - 45 cm). On the edge of the bodice we knit art. b / n.


Front: type a chain 5 cm long and knit tightly st. s / n 4 cm without an increase, alternating colors. Then we knit, adding one loop from both sides. We knit up to a height of 15 cm. Next, we add a chain 3 cm wide in turquoise and knit a belt 37 cm long according to the following scheme: 4 tbsp. s / n, 1 rev. p., 4 tbsp. s / n, the next row is completely knit art. s / n The third row of knit is similar to the first. Then we use a string of steel color to knit a string with a length of 40 cm. Then pass it into the resulting holes and fix it from the wrong side of the trunks with a needle and thread.

The back of the heats: dial loops to the crotch front, immediately adding three loops on both sides. Next we knit 18 cm according to scheme 2, adding on each side 1 loop.


Sew the side seams of the resulting melting and we put the hat on the top. The edges of the trunks are tied with a yarn of steel color st. b / n, except for the bottom of the back.It is tied with an openwork border according to scheme 3.

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