Wooden brooch with landscapes {Lisa Jordan}

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Living in a small town, far from the noisy bustle of megalopolises, soothes and relaxes a person, gives him the opportunity to live a smooth and measured life, to be closer to nature. At least, this is how a gifted artistLisa Jordanliving in Minnesota with family. Enjoying the flow of life in the suburbs, the artist enjoyshandmade- with creativity, which reflects the variety of textures and colors that surrounds it.

Lisa Jordansays with a smile that at home she can most often be caught in two ways: chasing the four offspring and a dog around the yard, or concentrating on another piece of felt. However, in search of inspiration and new ideas for creativity, the artist also loves to walk along forest paths, wander around the garden, work in a small home garden, feed the birds and little animals.And then, full of emotions and impressions, with new forces, it takes on the job, and wonderful light brooches with an exclusive design, pendants, necklaces, and other accessories and cute decorative things for the house appear.

Amazingbrooches, over whichLisa Jordanworks with pleasure, few can leave indifferent. They are made of natural wood, and the decorative element is a miniature landscape made of colored felt. And so skillfully and skillfully, that one might wonder, is it really done by felting, and not painted with colors already on the finished product. The artist creates miniature pastorals from felt, inspired by the landscapes that surround her. Sunset over the forest or twilight, a tree on the edge, a meadow covered with flowers, a wave sweeping onto the sea shore, a field with orange ears stretching beyond the horizon are the few variants of felt paintings that can be seen on the decorations made by Lisa Jordan.

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